What makes a person good?

How do you know if your a good person? Externally and Internally. I feel like I’ve done something horrible to screw this whole shindig we call life up.

Good ethics. Good deeds. Morality is subjective. A lot of religious people claim moral superiority, but support war for instance.


I think being a good person or a bad person is largely a fluid assessment. Just because you did something horrible 20 years ago doesn’t mean you’re a bad person for the rest of your life. You make an effort, you do what you can, and you try not to be a dick to everyone.

I think if you care enough to ask the question, you’re probably not really all that awful.

But then again, there are racist, sexist, homophobic bigots out there that think they’re great people because of religion. So I guess it depends who you want to convince.

Good people are loving to those they care for and giving of their talents.

That’s the thing I don’t want to convince anyone besides myself. I just want to know this isn’t all just some big punishment or joke that I’m living out. That I have a positive purpose to something and it means something good. Not like how some of the voices say “Oh you did something good haha, who gives a ■■■■ this is all the point to make you feel achieved when your nothing more then dirt.” I used to care about other people until I thought them and my entire school for that matter were trying to get me. So in a way I stopped caring. I know and apologize…i’m depressing to listen to. And also very heady/cerebral. It’s just been an up and down past months where I don’t know what to believe in my spiritual state in this world. I might be evil but try to hide it, but who knows.

in the midst of my illness, the prevailing question I had was “is what I am doing (my actions and behaviors) good or bad?” When unmedicated and/or high on pot, the question was easy to answer: I was a cancer to people around me. When medicated, stable, working, and sober, I’d have to say good. I was fighting stigma by working and doing my part (my blog) to educate others what having sz is like and how to work towards recovery.

Only the God of your understanding can ultimately judge you, but when you fill your life with people and activities that point towards recovery, you will know that you are the mirror image of what a good person is.

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Hey kazuma,
Having sz doesnt make you evil. You can tell you are a good person by surrounding yourself with positive people, and when in trouble they are there for you. A caring person can also accept help, as well as take care of themselves when they have too. When I am really down on myself for hearing voices about being awful, selfish, gross, or self harmful, I try to tell a trustworthy person from my support system, or pay yourself a compliment. Im sure youre doing the best you can. Have some compassion for yourself. Would you think someone else you love is evil if they had sz?

PS~thanks for posting!

No I wouldn’t but I also don’t feel upset by all this specifically because of SZA. It’s more about my time in general it feels like a linear hell a lot of the times and SZA is a piece (very large piece) but still a piece of the bigger picture. And if this my hell or cosmic joke then I would be being punished for something. Its just a looping thought that is hard to not think about. And since the only people that do love me are my parents (however I believe they love the idea of me being their son, not me as an individual) its pretty hard to care about other people or have other people care about me. My theory can never really be tested since I haven’t felt friendship in a few years and have kind of been in solitude from the outside world. Like my existence have been full of bad catch22 scenarios and programmed times to trigger me. If all that’s true then I probably am not a good person even though in my lifetime the only person I’ve hurt is myself. Then the flip side to it is maybe that’s not the goal. Maybe the point is to be bad. Theres a lot “low lifes in high places” in the world. I sometimes don’t even consider myself in the good or bad world anymore since its practically all relative. Maybe somewhere deep in left field.

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lol! that’s an easy one! the answer is the opposite of what makes a person good for nothing! haha!

It sorrows me to read. Remember to take the small blessings the illness affords… here is a list of what I consider some positives about having the illness:

We are kind, caring and treasure any friendship that isn’t abusive.
We are tolerant and patient.
It is not a spiritual affliction- the delusions and hallucinations are to do with the brain not the spirit.
We develop a philosophical nature.
We are unaware and don’t always identify with superficial things like the body.
We understand hardship.
We may try to lead normal lives once stable and less anxious about life matters.
We learn how to handle more and this makes us stronger.
Future experiences of schizophrenia usually show that the illness improves significantly.
We may alternate therapy or drugs or experiment with herbal remedies- there’s always hope.
We lead a life less boring though hard to keep optimistic.


I find someone that won’t harm someone verbally or physically and will step in if something bad happens and is willing to throw their own safety away for a stranger even if the stranger isn’t the most likable character makes a person a good person.
among many other things.

now the stuff that didn’t make the highlight reel:

How to feel absolutely ravenous and eat without relent.
What thirsty really means.
Humility – at twenty something nothing brings down your self esteem like schizophrenia.
Feeling physically fat, psychologically disabled, beholding a negative outlook and enduring perverse sensations.
Feeling judged, trying to present yourself as if you are together.
Sleepiness like no one else could imagine, particularly up until midday.
Being hopeless at earning a living or holding down a job.
Isolation- experiences that separate you from friends, family and peers.
Nobody really gets you.
Not knowing if you will survive.
Being medicated for life rather than look towards recovery.

Now imagine that these ‘negatives’ somehow vanished. You would be left with traits and characteristics of a person who grows up in a good family, makes thoughtful, positive decisions, is not swayed by greed or cynicism, and has the heart of a lion. It would be a complete revolution and evolution of mind, body and spirit. Be hopeful that one day you will no longer carry the title of sz.

Sorry, I know my posts can be kinda pushy and demanding, but I just want to instill hope where I can. I have been blessed to have the illness without the voices feature which has allowed me to work and cease reliance on disability. My illness has gotten better over the years even through more than a few slip-ups involving drugs (pot). You sound like a smart dude… do not stop caring about others if it is in your power. Friendship changes brain chemistry-- it is a necessity.


You are searching-like everyone in this world.
Its a lifelong search, but it gets easier as you go along. Everyone has the potential to be good or bad--its your choice on what to act on, and that will decide for you.
You will make mistakes-but as long as you learn from them you will be ok. This whole world and everything in it is here to help and teach along the way.
How is that for preaching? :bow:

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I’ll Preach … ,

Doesn’t Bother Me To “preach” … ,

As Was Once Written Down In An Old “sacred” Book Trillions Of Dinosaur Eggs Ago … ,

It Sayd Thus … ,

" the road to hell is paved with good intentions " … ,

So I Thot , " hmm how silly " … ,

and Thine Others Out There Within Tha Forests Of Chaotic-ness and Such Some Screamed From Tha Rooftops “THERE IS NO ■■■■■■■ GOD YOU STUPID ■■■■■!” … ,

and Some Waited On A Fence Within A Curious Endeavor As Questioning All and Everything … ,

So As Was Once Written … ,

" the road to hell is paved with good intentions. " ,

Some Would Roll Their e(Y)e’s and Say , " ISNT THAT THA TRUTH HA! " … ,

Not In A Cursive Negative Way But More So With Scars Of Trying and Trying To Do Good In These Forests Of Negative* Endeavors … ,

What Was Written Is Etched Within A Solid Foundation Of Unafflicted Stone … ,

" the road to HELL is paved with GOOD intentions " … ,

Tha Actual KEY Here Is Tha Word -----------> INTENTIONS … ,

The Rest Of Such An Old Sacred Endeavor*** Would Be Some Sort Of Old Wise Man With A Terrible No Punchline Jokey Joke … ,

Jus To Fool his Pardners In Cryme … ,

As Tha Screaming Never Stops and Tha Fencers Dabble Within Each and Everything … ,

So Tha Question is and That You Ask Is A Good One … ,

Kazuma - " what makes a person good ? "

YoUr InTeNtIoNs Yo (!!!)


If they don’t hurt others intentionally, but if they do,
they do something about it-or at least try…and they learn from it.

What makes a person good?

Nothing can make a person be anything,
unless they accept and allow it to.

kindness , hope, love, empathy, understanding, openmindedness, acceptance


kindness = kind ness

hope = hope

empathy = emp athy*

understanding = under standing

openmindedness = o pen min ded ness

acceptance = ac cep tance

(((What Does My Dissection mean To You)))

not a lot to be honest.

Then You Are Free To Go …

: )