What level are you at?

what is your current level of functioning?

i’d say mine was…about 70-80%

even at my worse i think i was probably at 30%

and i think under 10% would probably be brain dead (maybe) lol

when i was at college i was doing a test and i managed to pass with one mark and i only got that mark because i drew a line through a diagram i was drawing and it was a cross with a time line going from left to right and 0 in the centre with 1-10 up and down, this was to measure our mental health throughout our lives, there is a name for the diagram but i cant remember, its like a timeline for mental health, i’ll try and draw it and post it, but if anyone knows could you post it?

i think im just doing the best i can at the moment i need a little outside help but imj not giving myself a hard time about it. its funny when im well i can accomplish loads but then i get sixk and im in a depression fog.

I think it depends on the day. Somedays I’m sure I’m at 70-80

other days I’m down to 50 or 60.

Congratulations on the good grade. I hope you get to enjoy school again.

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Sometimes 110, but sometimes 50… all in the same day.

an average of 50…good times and bad. By myself or out somewhere. I wish I were a little closer to the natural world. Then I’d be 80.

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They actually used to use a scale in assessing patients called the GAF (global assessment of functioning).It is a scale from 0-100. When I got out of the hospital and received my discharge papers my GAF was listed as 10. I knew I was bad, but couldn’t believe I scored in the lowest grouping of functioning. I was just out of it and couldn’t care for myself at all and was catatonic at times. Don’t remember much of it and was told as much by the staff/psychologist. Now I’d say I’m about a 61 on the scale - “some mild symptoms, or some difficulty in social, occupational, or school functioning but generally functioning pretty well, has some meaningful interpersonal relationships”. It looks like this scale is no longer used in the DSM-5, which is news to me. They are now using a survey like assessment called WHODAS 2.0 I’ll have to research the new system.

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I did this when I was at my pdoc. I scored myself at 70% because of depression, memory problems and voices. I wish I will be 100% some day.

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Do you mean our level as in our potential or our level as it pertains to things we can’t change?
I’d say I am meeting my full potential at about 70-80%.
My actual realizable potential is more like 80-90%.
The low number on top is due more to ausburgers indicators than sz :confused:

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i was just asking for a general number or percentage of your functioning at this time,

i know it can change though,

maybe if there was a test online that could determine how well we are from 1-100 or something

what do you think?