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We seem to discuss functioning quite a lot here but I wonder whether people think this is a good thing or not.
I participate in a neurodivergent facebook group and there are quite a few with an antipathy towards mention of functioning. The argument is that is generally for caregivers and not those with lived experience. I don’t agree with that POV but wondered what others thought.


my ins dose this al the time I’m at a 57, 70 is normal.

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I’ve been thinking about the thread I made a lot. I think it was slightly inappropriate. In the end I think it will help me improve my functioning so I’m glad I made it.

I don’t like those threads, the olympics of suffering.


My pdoc seems to rate people by their IQs. If you are intelligent you are high functioning, if not you are low functioning.

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That doesn’t make any sense, though. I have a high IQ and was low functioning for s long time. I couldn’t even leave a specific section of the apartment. Couldn’t stay out of the hospital long enough to get my head straight. Couldn’t feed myself. But I still had a high IQ.


I don’t like these discussions. I always feel relatively high functioning until these conversations, then they make me feel much lower functioning than I thought.

I think that’s rather simplistic of your pdoc. I have very high verbal intelligence but low non-verbal , practical intelligence. I have difficulty applying what intelligence I have to practical situations. I get a lot of support nowadays from my stepdaughter and am in the process of getting outside help so my stepdaughter can spend more quality time with me. I definitely don’t think I am high functioning, at least not by non severely mentally ill standards.

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Some days I am really high functioning. Other days, not so much. It varies. I’d give myself a 7 on a 1 to 10 scale. Trouble is, pre-illness I already had issues, let’s say I was around 8 on the same scale.

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It is different per person. When you speak of a short psychotic episode that is shorter than a month. Then the recovery goes quickly and then those people quickly pick up life again.

But if you speak of a psychosis. Then you have a bit heavier. The recovery will take at least half a year. And you will continue to function worse for a year because of what you’ve been through and the medication.

Then of course you still have the monster schizophrenia. First recover from your first psychosis and then get a
second psychosis. You’re ■■■■■■.

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