To some of the more opinionated posters. what is your level of function

I’ll start , I’m semi functional , do not hold a job , I do attend college part time , I take meds at a therapeutic dose , I live independently. I consider myself between managing and recovered.

I do think that anyone expressing views , in a very forthright way should let us know how functional you are. Basically how successful your views are, in inspiring recovery in yourself


I will be honest, I should have never pushed my pdoc to lower the Risperdal below a therapeutic dose of 2 mg - I went as low as 1.5 mg - big mistake.
Lowering my meds, set me back a bit. I have become more unstable, more agoraphobic, and less independent.

I raised the dose back to 2.5 mg, but it is not working as well, so I might have to raise it back to 3 mg or higher -
The moral of the story for me is - Not to ■■■■ with my meds!

I am capable of driving by myself to the market, shop - pay for my food etc…
I am able to cook for myself, pay my bills online etc…
Help take care of my elderly Mom
I need to work on staying home alone, as I am very paranoid - but I do manage to be pretty independent
There is always room for improvement


I try to be more supportive then opinioned…

I feel I’m learning how to be more functional… I have a job… but it’s not that mentally challenging… it’s flex time. I like the job… It’s outside and I’m rather free… as long as I get my work list done… all is well.

I am med compliant and I’m in therapy. I’ve been in stress management and anger management classes… CBT… and I still go to a therapist to just get things off my chest that I know would mortify my family…

I live in my own place… but I share it with my sis… so It’s sort of independent… but sort of not.

Getting my day organized is very hard to do… I get very distracted easily. I get memory wipe and sometimes all my best intentions to get up and moving just turns to dust. I have help staying on track.

Keeping the place clean… keeping my life organized… remembering to buy food… pay rent… that sort of stuff… I have help with. Getting out and learning how to be social… I have help with.

I feel I’m more functional then I was… but I’m not where I’d like to be… I feel sort of half way in the journey.


Low functioning.

And also becoming suicidal.

If they were to legalize assisted suicide for us id probably end up in the clinic fairly quick.

I think a better indicatior of which view on treatment works should be the decades of people helped by traditional medicine. Only a fool or someone with zero experience in mental health would really even question it.

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I think myself as medication “adherent.” The use of the word “compliant” sounds like the authorities are watching over me constantly. I attended a group day treatment center program 20 years ago. I was considered higher functioning… I am nearly 60 y.o. today and higher functioning because of my coping skills tool bag. I have to deal with limited mental health resources which forces me to be totally self sufficient.

I’m the stubborn scientist of these forums. People often don’t like science. I’ve noticed.

I function like a well oiled killer robot.

Go ask someone else for verification.


Here is another one to put in your bag. I don’t like post dated checks… show me the money. What can science prove? A scientist is not truly a scientist unless he can be defeated by a bigger scientist.

You can take your argument to a fundamentalist Christian church. Save it, please.

I think he was writing in support of critical thinking, not religion.

I am semi-functional also,i work full time on a low stress job but long hours…I live with my parent and I workout everyday,its important for me to exercise/workout

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Don’t need to. I can read :slight_smile:

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I function pretty highly despite the fact what others say about “spiritual beliefs.” I am living proof of the latest psychotherapist who include spirituality into the model of recovery. They say that without a spiritual component there will be less chance of recovery model successes.

I think in the past they basically terrorized mental patients into behaving. Social norms were a lot stricter, and a person who couldn’t walk the straight and narrow really caught hell. Back in the old days I would be on Haldol. Life on Haldol isn’t life. It is just existing.


idk about opinionated but i think maybe i am a bit sometimes lol
i try not to be but sometimes in a moment of weakness i will express some of my views lol,

i am pretty high functioning i think,

  • my meds work really well and i have little to no symptoms because of it,
  • i live independently
  • attend college
  • volunteer
  • i drive (supervised)
  • attend church

and i would really like to get a job and meet someone and get married and settle down etc,
and basically live a somewhat normal life.

all the bad ■■■■ that has happened i just turn it on its head, all the bad things i feel i just try and flip it around, its probably easier for me bc my meds are working so well but its up to me to stay on my game as well.


I’ve been a scientist for over 30 years.
I eat killer robots for breakfast.

I’m opinionated because people pay for my opinions.
Or they pay for tests to prove a fact I know.
I’ve done work to prove my opinions in government and industry.
Engineering consulting doesn’t come cheap.

Others here at work have to deal with lawyers.
They want to prove what ever they are paid to prove, true or not.

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well i guess i semi function. right now i;'m physically ill so am not doing a whole lot. took max to school, waited in for the utilitas man, picked max up, cooked his dinner and that’s all i’m going to do except let the dogs out a few times before bed. most of the time i’m independent. i pay my bills, look after my kids needs and wants daily, cook food, mow the lawn, turn into a whirling cleaning dervish every now and again :slight_smile: look after my dogs and cats


I’m semi-functioning and not that independent. I rely on my husband to do the financials (bills and banking) as I don’t have a job and have very little money of my own. I do drive, but my husband has to be with me as I don’t have a license yet. I cook, clean and look after myself at a moderate level, not the best I can do, but just getting by. I can go shopping by myself - but usually go with my husband who has the money! :smile:

When my book gets published, I hope to get an income of my own and save up a little nest egg :blush:


I function moderately well compared to some with SMI in that I live independently and don’t have a carer. However I live a restricted lifestyle and have never worked, have a poor social network .
I don’t know about the US but in the UK, unless you are a danger to yourself or others, if you are functioning above a very basic level then you are very much left to your own devices. For a short period you might get help from a rehab and recovery team but that is time limited.
With certain things especially manual/practical tasks I am very reliant on family /step family members .

As I have said before a supporting letter for benefits said I had ‘limited ability to live independently in the community’ some of this is due to problems that have a psychiatric impact but are not symptoms like anxiety/paranoia/depression etc and for which there has been little or no help.


In USA we have homeless and jails that are filled with the ill since they closed all the big old ‘mental hospitals’ and transitioned to community care.
Some communities care more than others…