What kind of schizoaffective meds are you on?


I’m currently on Seroquel 300mg, Depakote 1000mg and Latuda 120mg
I feel like that’s a lot and I still hear people talking about me. I increased from 80mg of Latuda about 3 weeks ago, but I’ll give it another 4-5 weeks to get the full benefit of it.
I started from 300mg of Seroquel about 10 years ago with bipolar 1 diagnosis.


I’m currently on 6 to 9 mg Paliperidone, 3 grams of Niacinamide, and 1 gram of a NMDA upregulator I can’t name. The NMDA upregulator seems to be working, I just started today and my voices are quieter.


I’m on clozapine, lithium, lamotrigine, amitriptyline and concerta


Seroquel 550mg nightly plus 50mg twice daily as needed, Prozac 20mg and Abilify 5mg.


Haldol 1mg day 80mg latuda night …trazodone,cogentin etc


I’m curious about that Niacin 3mg if that would help with my symptoms. My multivitamin supplement has 50mg of Niacin.


im on 10mg abilify 100mg lamictal


1000 mg depakote
10 mg zyprexa

both once a day at night


I take 3 grams of Niacinamide, that’s 3000 mg. It helps voices moderately, but not perfectly.


234 Invega injection once a month, risperdone prn, lamictal 50mg


I take 120 mg Latuda, 25 mg sertraline (Zoloft) and 900 mg gabapentin a day, plus 1 mg benztropine (Cogentin).


Risperidone, lamictal, Zoloft, and nortriptyline


Risperidone and Depakote


Fluoxetine 40mg, lamictal 100mg twice a day, paliperidone 9mg, propranolol 10mg twice a day, modafinil 100mg in morning, minocycline 100mg in morning


I take 100mg haldol shot. 2mg rexulti. 60mg Prozac.


Hi, haven’t posted on this forum in a long time. I was diagosed with schizoaffective disorder after being up 5-7 days without sleep and making 4 trips to the ER in 2 weeks. Does anyone else have to deal with rapid cycling? My cycles were about 30-40min up and 30-40min down whem I was having my psychosis a few years ago (because I was using Claritin D while on the antipsychotic shot). I was originally diagnosed with schizophrenia and taking the abilify shot I think 400mg.

Now I’m on that plus the following:

Lorazepam .5mg as needed (for anxiety) (PTSD)

Haloperidol 2.5mg in the morning and 5mg at night. (There is a national shortage of the 2mg pills)

Benztropine mesylate 1mg twice a day

Vitamin D

Oxcarbazepine 600mg half tablet twice a day

Quetiapine fumerate 200mg one half at bedtime. (This is a “mood stabalizer” that could knock out an elephant). Lol.


My doctor took me off meds for two weeks to see if my strange side effects go away. Let’s see if I go crazy.


Perphenazine 12mg, folic acid 800mcg, sertalizine 100mg, lithium 300mg, trazodone 200mg


Haldol 30 mg, Lamictal 100 mg, Lexapro 10 mg, 0.5 mg Klonopin PRN, 3 mg Melatonin


At the moment amisulpride 400mg and olanzapine 5mg