What kind of music are you into?

I like all kinds of music how about everyone else?

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I like all kinds of music too.

I’m not crazy about modern rap.

I listen to almost all kinds, My favorites being Pop, Movie & Video game Soundtracks (mostly scores…rather than mixed CD’s), & Dark Ambient. But when the mood strikes I can listen to Rock, Country, Classical, Georgian Chant music, New Age meditation music, I like some world music like Celtic Women and an artist called Natacha Atlas…can’t understand her language but I like the beats to her music. I also listen to Electronical/Techno every now and again.

The only music I really don’t care for is Opera. But the odd thing is every now and again I get the urge to listen to even that. So really it depends on what I feel like hearing. Right now I’m listening to a dark ambient CD compilation I bought a while ago called Krtrima Sprha. Technically it’s one CD but it’s so long I split it into three CD’s. Really it could be split again as all 3 CD’s are over 2 hours long. I bought it on this one site I love called Bandcamp. It lets you listen to almost every album for free before you buy them.

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I don’t listen to all kinds of music, but I am pretty eclectic in my tastes. A lot depends on my mood at the time.

Most types except rap, r&b, country, jazz, oldies, or opera. I guess that just leaves rock. :smile:

Ballad. Pop & R&B. :smile:

The supermario bros theme song comes to mind

Jk. I like all kinds too

mostly modern christian music, or some emo songs.

Jazz, classical, lo-fi rock

classical, Hebrew, cantorial, some popular. judy

Classic rock mostly these days

i used to listen to classic rock, but now i prefer jazz and classical.

Wow, lots of people who like jazz. If I had to pick my most hated genre, it would be jazz. Ewww, nasty stuff.

My most hated song of all time is “The Entertainer”. Oh my goodness do I hate, hate, hate that song.

My mortal music enemy is “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffet. Frigging wannabe beach bum. Oh how I hate that man.

Anything electronic and I’m happy.

Alternative metal, metal, nu metal. Whatevermetal. Slipknot, system of a down, Korn, metallica, a7x.