What jobs a great for schizophrenics?

I have no experience in any job place?
The only year i worked was back in 2014 -2018 in warehouse.
Im 30yrs old.

Is there any place i can get any experience to proceed a full time job.


I think it really depends on the schizophrenic. We are all individuals despite having a similar disorder. However, I think most schizophrenics probably prefer low stress jobs, so as not to aggravate symptoms, so maybe that’s a factor to consider. I have no idea where your skills and strengths lie.


yeah im 39. i held jobs in my teens but have worked about a years total since i was 18. i have good benefits but its so demoralizing. i basically dropped off the face of the earth.

I worked restaurants, warehouses, department stores and currently I am in the janitorial field. I’ve also worked at non-typical jobs I had no experience at like park ranger, recycling and hot tub technician.


I was thinking more like using computers or warehouse.

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Im starting a new job at a sushi joint as a dishy. Should be alright.


Sounds great.
My weakness is the sound of crowded people.
My strength is quietness.


I found logistics work to be good for me. It’s hard work physically but order pickers in warehouses for groceries and stores is good work. It pays well. You may get shift allowances but it’s just boring, mundane work where your busy mind can wander while you work…

You need to have a good work ethic though to succeed. Like want to work and not be put off by some hard yakka!


Data entry
I’ve always wanted to do that but they usually want an experienced person where I live. Otherwise it is just a temp.

But where you live, it may be easier to get.


My present job as a volunteer with the Legion of M—.


It depends what you like and what your skills are.

I work part time in a shop which is pretty much one of the best jobs I had because I like interacting with people and giving customer service. Also I get to move around a lot which I like.

The job that suited me least I ever had was a full time computer job. I don’t like sitting still all day. And the job was basically doing the same routine over and over every 10 minutes. It was about a year and a half in having this job that I got my first episode. I don’t know if the job played a part in it, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

something you really enjoy (the field of a hobby) or something regarding selling art (even selling art lessons).

You can build on whatever you did in the warehouse if your body can take it, or possibly go back to school, or find a volunteer job with the understanding it will only bring you so far.

Look for entry level job for things like custodians, janitors, security guards.

I would like to work in an office as accountant assistant again.

That was the last job I quit, 2020. I did it for a year while on 80mg Latuda. Full time most of the time but sometimes took days off like when sick or had diarrhea (lol).

I would love to be a writer…I’ve also given thought I becoming a personal trainer or nutritionist.

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