What is your story close to having schizophrenia and what your current situation with schizophrenia?

What is your story close to having schizophrenia and what your current situation with schizophrenia?

I was leading a seemingly normal life (before schizophrenia), studying, doing a technical course (it 4 years ago) then, suddenly, I started to get paranoid and everything changed. Today I hear voices (they tell me obscene and demonic things), I have delusions of guilt, depersonalization, derealization, depression, anxiety. Today, I feel very unhappy in life and I keep thinking sometimes about suicide (decreased with anti-depressant).

I try to live, but I know it is very difficult and complicated for all of us.

And you, guys and girls, tell your history about schizophrenia and your current situation.


I was a happy… loving… very hyper little kid. According to my parents… I had a mental meltdown at age 5. I don’t remember it… but in my recovery meetings… they talked about it a lot.

There was always something that no one else could see… hear… feel…
I’m the oldest of 5. By the time I was 17… I wasn’t living in reality much. I really lost touch… carried out an action so odd (and ironic) … it got me involuntarily committed… and diagnosed.

I had to do my GED in hospital. I was too ill to go to school and graduate. So with my parents and tutors… I barely remember passing.

I have had to fight voices… delusions… false memories… guilt… anxiety… panic… paranoia… negative symptoms… depersonalization… Because of my kid sis… I survived my suicide attempt 6 years ago… that is when I decided to work to get better.

Because of my meds… I’ve been able to get a job… go back to school… live in my own place (with my sis now that she’s in college) and learn to better handle my symptoms.

It’s hard of course… bad days happen… but I’m doing better now then I ever have. For the most part… I’m pretty happy to be alive and working on making today better then yesterday.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon too.


I was on top of the world. Everything was in a flow. I got a great job. Then I got paranoid. Thought ppl would kill me and that my boss was out to get me. Then I stopped sleeping. Ran away from home. Ended up in hospital for 6 months.

Today. Voices. Some paranoia. Meds. Working at the same place but much simpler tasks. No need to think.