What is your opinion on zyprexa?

Is it an ok medication, or is it a med where you should switch to another one if possible?

I’m on zyprexa 7.5mg

I have tried:

  • Abilify (didn’t go so well, I got symptoms, maybe I didn’t give it enough time who knows, but it didn’t go smooth)
  • Latuda (Got anxiety from this one)
  • Risperidone (I decided that I didn’t want to be on it in the middle of the switch, when I found out it’s bad for prolactin)

I’m not sure if I want to try more medications… what is your opinion, should I try to find another medication or should I stay on zyprexa?

Zyprexa is often regarded as the second heaviest AP(of the 2nd generation) only next to Clozapine.

I’m on the same dose as you are. I have lack of emotions, heavy sedation and almost non existent libido so I will try to get off. But if I try everything interesting and nothing else works I guess I will just have to accept it. But most likely it’s a trade off. Start a different AP and you get some other side effects to deal with, so it’s about choosing the lesser evil in the end.

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If I decide to stay on zyprexa, what do you think about reducing very slowly by 0.3mg (1/8 of 2.5 pill)? Maybe I find out that I can get by on 6.25 or something instead of 7.5

I tried cutting a 2.5mg in half one time, I gave it a few days and noticed anxiety, which is probably withdrawals.

Im taking 20mg of olanzapine along 150mg (max) Invega and other side meds. Olanzapine is a medium strength med, that scales like abilify. I like olanzapine, it makes me calm, I have bo side effects, besides when I started. I had restless legs, drowsiness and munchies. They are all gone now

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Yup same with me. akathisia and hunger when I started. It disappeared.

I didnt have akathisia, just restlesd leg syndrome, it is described as an unpleasant feeling in legs. I had the same but worse on quetiapine

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Maybe you should try Geodon and Seroquel. They’ve kept me stable for many years. A lot of people swear by those drugs. Zyprexa left me kind of miserable. I would rather not have to go back on that.

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I would probably reduce to 6.25mg and then experiment with finding something that reduces anxiety. There are a lot of herbs that could help with that like chamomille, hops, lavender, gotu kola, ashwaganda, bacopa ++. I would just try some of that. Most of them are likely to carry no side effects. The thing you need to look out for is allergies, but that would probably reveal itself right away.

Of the herbs I have tried I estimate having a allergic reaction to about 3-4% of them. But as long as you only introduce one herb at a time it’s easy to identify the culprit.

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Zombie mode-> ON

I hated it. Someone else loves it. I think it’s real different for everyone. Even the same symptoms are experienced differently. I hated the heavy sedation. This other person loves it…he loves how it calms him down and helps him feel sleepy at night.

I think it’s really for you to feel your own responses.


It did not work for me. But I was under plenty stress while working.

Geodon, Cariprazine, Capylta, Saphris, clozapine. To be honest I would just trust my doctor with what they liked, you’ve already got a good taste of some of the better names so there is good judgement in that already. Still many options out there don’t give up hope.

To be quite hournest I wouldn’t switch ot lower Zyprexa cause that’s the best in the class of sec. gen. Every time my mothet lower.her Zyprexa that ends out badly…It’s stronger than most sec. and I wouldn’t touch it. I’m on a very high dose of seroquel and every time I try changing any thing that ends out badly.