Zyprexa what should i do

So i need some advice With my medications. I take zyprexa 20 mg and lexapro 10 mg. I feel restless, i cant concentrate. Other than that zyprexa works for my schizophrenia. Lexapro works for my mood. I have a phone time to my doctor in 3 weeks.
What should i do? ask to lower my zyprexa? Change? Im not Good at medications but i know Many meds can cause feeling restless. Anyone else felt like this? Any antipsychotic that doesnt make u like this?

Quitting lexapro and going down to 7.5 mg zyprexa?

Talk it over with your doctor and see what they have to say. It’s hard to let go of meds that are working but akithesia is a deal breaker for a lot of folks.

Talk to your shrink!

Ive seen ur posts and understand u also have zyprexa how does it work for you? What dose do u have? I feel that it has worsen over time. When im feeling best is when ive taken my sleeping pills and calmed down… So Yeah i dont like being restless.

You could either ask your pdoc for cogentin, which treats the side effects, or you could ask your pdoc to try another med. I take 2mg of cogentin at night and 1mg in the evenings. My side effect of extreme restlessness is now gone.

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I’m on 10mgs of zyprexa wafer. I still get a little restlessness but it’s not anything I can’t live with. @ZmaGal has some good suggestions in previous post. Chat to your doc.

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Havent heard about that med before. I had 10 mg zyprexa once. I also feel nausea.

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I take 60mg zyprexa and have no problem

Drugs effect everyone differently. Some are ok with certain ones and others are not.

I came off Olanzapine after a few years due to weight gain and it did take a while to get settled on another drug.

It’s possible to switch and there are plenty of others to try.

Zyprexa worked very well for me but as u said the restlessness and the weight gain were shitty.

I tried to go back on it and it didnt work again which sucked ass but I’m happy on a different med.

Go well

It seems most AP gives some sort of agitation is Theres an alternativt med or someone thats better at this

Upping this any advice

I take 60mg zyprexa and it works for me

You dont feel restless? Have u had a lower dose like 10mg ?

No, I feel fine. No, I haven’t tried small doses

Well i know lowest dose is 2.5mg

How much do you take?

20mg its kinda high

Not very high. Does it work?

. It works for some symtom sThe restlessness is bad