What is your opinion on zyprexa?


Tell me what you like and dislike in this med, please?
One pdoc told me, that in his opinion, its the best ap. One other told me, that Zyprexa catches many symptoms, while some others, aim just some specific symptoms.
For me its strange. I even don’t feel it, which is strange, cause its a heavy ap. I should be quite crazy lol… Nan, I am just very anxious without it, so I guess it maintains me for a minimum. But I should still pay many efforts to recover a bit more. But some other aps just made me crazier…


I take 60mg zyprexa and I feel it’s the med that made the difference. I think it’s the best I have ever taken


Was probably the best med I was on…


Nice to see you have found meds that help you @Anna1.


Liked: It’s flushable.

Disliked: Explosive weight gain and diabetes.


Well, it doesn’t help me much still. But without it, its even worse, so I guess I need it.


I prefer Invega over Zyprexa. Massive weight gain on that damn Zyprexa!