What is your latest dream? (poll)

as far as i am aware dreams are not affected by mental illness but i dont know this for sure,

What was your latest dream?

I’ve been having really good dreams lately with good recollection on waking,

I dreampt my ex was still alive and she got a good job serving food in a school kitchen and then i think i tried to work with her and the school hired both of us but i was doing stuff they didn’t like selling stuff to student i was not supposed to lol (i can’t remember what i was selling) but it was over the odds. I think i stopped it, the food looked very nice we were serving like fried chicken and stuff like that :slight_smile: chip shop stuff.

Do you Dream?

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  • Don’t dream
  • Dream but forget
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I wish I could remember my dreams. Have some really vivid ones but mostly I’m working. Over twenty years later I usually dream I’m building cars…or assembling orders. It’s all pretty basic and it’s not something I subscribe too anyways.

Whilst psychotic I had my subconscious leak out. Wasn’t too revealing. Reason why I don’t think it means too much at all…

can’t remember. i’m a restless sleeper and my sleep is really broken

I usually get nightmares and wake up middle of the night seldom have nice dreams

I dreamt last night that I passed the course I want to take and got into uni.

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Schizophrenia very much affects the content of my dreams, because those dreams are produced by my schizophrenia. Vast majority of my dreams are related to my schizophrenia, and what the voice or inserted thoughts have told me.

The dream I saw last night was one example of this. In the dream I received a smartphone and some more electronics as a gift, but I started crying because due to my schizophrenia I could not appreciate those gifts and it makes them useless.

Sorry you felt that way @Rei26

Forgot to reply to the post lol,

I hardly dream, but I get night terrors from time to time which cause me to tense up and completly shut down.

My mind just goes blank and I can’t seem to form any thoughts.

But it’s very rare though.

I dreamt my ex yesterday. He tried to speak to me but I refused to talk to him.
I told him that I didn’t deserve to see him.

I have a hard time remembering my dreams even if I know I’ve been dreaming. I’ve been having strange dreams the last couple nights but I can’t quite remember them, just the eerie feeling of them. Sometimes I go through periods of bad dreams or nightmares. I sometimes take a prn for nightmares called prazosin. but I haven’t had to use that in probably a year now.

I quit dreaming and thought it was the disease. Then I got diagnosed with sleep apnea and got a CPAP. I dream again.

Yesterday I dreamt I lived with my family, but they hated me, so I fled. I came back later to retrieve some of my things, and everyone who’s ever hated me was there watching my every move.

I always dream about the same things: My father, mother, siblings, and my son as a small child. We are always living in a modest house either that or a grand mansion.

A lot of times, I dream about being back in nursing and working a nursing job of some type either in a nursing home or a hospital.

Often, I dream about dying and going to what I think is going to be the good place but it always ends up being the bad place.

Sometimes, I dream about going back to university and taking classes and tests.

Other times, I dream about being pursued and finally tortured by serial killers.

last night I dreamed I remodeled a bar and grill. also I was two faced in my dream, knowing how to get what I want, I ended up having sex with this woman with a tattoo on her back, she was also a redhead. then later in the dream things started to go bad as I was discovered for being two faced and the last thing that happened was my business partner who was a male had a thing for me, and he kissed me, I didn’t really like it but made out with him to be polite. I found him disgusting though and I woke up feeling pretty heterosexual, not into dudes.

I dreamt I was playing basketball but instead of a ball we were using a pair of shorts

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I met a dream of a woman, we had a great time. These days a daydream about her.

I had a very sad dream last night. It was the future and I was married to my current boyfriend. But I met a guy who was much younger than me that I found cute and found it exciting how he liked me. I felt I had lost that romantic spark in my relationship. In a lapse of judgement I ended up hooking up with this younger guy who then felt we were in a relationship and went around excitedly telling everyone about it. I felt sick because I still loved my husband dearly and really valued the relationship, but at the same time missed the feeling of something new and exciting. Anyways my husband found out I had cheated and was very angry and we got a divorce. He then killed himself. (In real life I am very happy in my current relationship and would never EVER cheat on my boyfriend)

My dream after that was bizarre. Just bizarre. I was at jazzercise with my mom and all these old ladies were popping their prescription pills and getting high. Then all of a sudden I was scooby doo exploring this ancient temple and attacking a guy who had kidnapped shaggy.

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I always remember my dreams - i seem to have a good memory.

Usually me trying to get to an old bar that got closed down years ago. That and my house being near a nuclear bunker with the road closed off. Really - they are quite bonkers lol.

Havent flown in a while tho - I went up to the stars once. I should write them all down lol.

the dream about me ex has really made me think about her :frowning: man i miss her, she was the best, i wish she was still here, its nearly a year now since she checked out, i was holding her hand, she helped me so much. she was such a strong person

I’m sorry @Resilient1, how did she pass?
How old was she?