What is your internet speed?

This is my internet speed for rural Town 145.4Mbps. I’m in England. I think this is very good.

Paying £92 a month for TiVo box with all channels (including Movies and Sports) Phone line with calls included in package. Plus internet

Whats your internet speed


I have no idea.

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I have 1Gbps Fiber, we pay 55$/month in Canada. Its usually more expensive but they knocked at my door and offered this price.

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Internet only, no TV or phone line.

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That’s with an Ethernet cable, Wifi gives less though, I get 400-500 2nd floor (modem is in the basement) and this on the 1st floor:


I’m not sure what it is to be honest. It’s good for streaming and downloading books though. Had a little trouble playing video games online at certain times of the day in the past.

Way lower than that because it’s copper to the node. Absolute rubbish but welcome to Australia and our particular dumb politic.

Mine is currently 2Mbps. Yes folks as low as that.

74 Mbps here. Would love 1 GHz fibre

We use lots of bandwidth, we’re 5. 4K Netflix, video games, Youtube, etc We use around 2000Gb every month.

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15 Mbps up and 300 Mbps down on cable. Going to be the same where we’re moving. Previous home had 1 Gbps symmetrical, which I miss. Loved having fibre.


Mbps download


Mbps upload

4G internet in my wireless router from a sim card.

I can stream in HD and play video games just fine. Waiting for 5g to roll out in my area then I will upgrade my router.

I get 800-900mbps upload with Ethernet. I need an AX router and an AX receiver to achieve 1Gbps on Wifi. Now I get 500-600mbps on Wifi AC. They’re too expensive now, maybe when they get cheaper. There’s Xiaomi AX routers on AliExpress but I don’t think they’ll work with my Bell modem. I like the Bell modem as its achieving 600mbps on Wifi.

I don’t worry about that. I just need enough bandwidth to support the kid VCing with one friend on a tablet, a second friend on her phone, listening to Net radio through Alexa, and watching Markiplier on Youtube on her laptop at the same time. The friggin’ doof.

It is so funny to watch her break out in hives within five minutes of the Net dropping. She honestly has no idea how to cope without it.

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We’re 5, 3 of us use 4K Netflix sometimes at the same time. My mother is always watching 1080p Youtube, my father too but yeah Wifi AC is more than enough. I can download a 230Gb CoD game in about 40 min.

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I have a power line adapter to use wired connection on my pc from the router. Imagine one day there will be 1tbps wifi and 7g cell service, I love tech. My app speed says 50mbps, but in reality when I update or download stuff it’s anywhere from 3-5mbps. But my internet has no data caps. Does anyone here have data caps on their internet.

100Mbps down, 40Mbps up. It is a fibre connection so it can eventually go higher if the infrastructure improves.

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30mbs , i think its 50 a month. its bare minimum.

I have unlimited data for house internet. Even for my mobile/cell phone it’s unlimited date, phone calls and texts. This for iPhone 11 Pro and apple earbuds. I pay £70 a month for mobile/cell phone and that’s inclusive of insurance.