Just call me Speedy Gonzales

I was one of the early ones who got to do the 500 Mbps service as a trial. The network has already been flipped to 1 Gbps, but only those with upgraded fibre modems get the full speed. I’m one of them and I’m now rocking along at a full gigabit! Everyone else will catch up with us over the next two months as modems are upgraded.




Thats a super fast internet…how about uploading and downloading speed 1mbps…

It’s guaranteed speed, not shared, and it’s symmetrical. 1 Gpbs up AND down. My last ISP gave me up to 20 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up for $99.95 a month. In reality the most I ever got during a peak period was 2 Mbps down and .12 Mbps up. It was unusable weekday evenings from 6 pm on. Now that we’re on Axia, we always get the full speed we pay for when we test for the same amount we were paying for with the old ISP. We are told to call them if we ever get less as that speed is guaranteed.

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Put a cover over your windows serial number, so you don’t get a speeding ticket in the mail :stuck_out_tongue: