What is your favorite song that describes your illness?

I can dig it, totally. I also love got the life…lol right on~

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man, my life is so boring, i was gonna make a thread about how boring it is. should i?

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yeah it kinda goes on the notion that this illness can wear me down. helps me vent out that anger towards it when i need to. but im still truckin on ahead

But then I get manic and it’s like


Suicidal Tendencies, Hearing Voices

Van Morrison - Moondance It had a lot to do with my delusions.

this would be my outerlimits of mania

and this is when i start losing control due to the mania being too intense lol

Then comes the depression…

coming out of an episode

Describes not so much my illness as my personality. I’m sure I wouldn’t been normal even if I was, um, normal.

(Yeah, that sentence could use some work.)


One of them…