Have you ever experienced manic episode?

  • Yes
  • No

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How made you feel after? You returned to normal or had a depressive episode?

I’m pretty certain I’ve been coming out of a manic episode. It’s terrible, but at least I’m not depressed.

I experience mostly hypomania. It’s been a while since my last episode. I like them because I get a lot done.

I was a little manic several weeks ago and again this Friday and Saturday. I’m not really depressed right now, just realizing I was manic.

I had a manic during the switching of semesters in my last year of high school. Haven’t had one since!

I’ve had periods of manic lunacy. I’m in the greatest danger then because my judgement is totally lacking. I get pretty stupid. I’ve also had periods of almost perfect happiness. That has happened to me twice, and they both lasted for a year or so. I wasn’t manic. I was happy. I wish I could get another episode of happiness.

I get hypomania so I voted yes. I just cane out of a 3 month episode a month ago and I’ve been depressed ever since

Hypomanic for me too and just coming down out of it. Not depressed yet, but definitely not at that level anymore.

yes i have had manic episodes, my most noticeable episode where when i tried to hike 2000 miles to davis, california and another time to phoenix, arizona. i was depressed when i was thrown in jail after only making it one state. felt like i couldn’t be free, unless i drove a vehicle and i didnt want to drive. but on the whole, unmedicated i am naturally manic, very energetic. now im more of a normie with my energy levels. my suicidal lows would only last a day or few hours until i went back on a manic battle with my detractors and “the man” haha.

yes, many times, I always crash hard. Sometimes I have hypomania and crash just a little.

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Could someone give me a quick explanation on the difference between mania and hypomania?
I’ve had some mixed episodes, and people have said I’ve seemed manic, but it hasn’t felt like some users here describe it.

Many times before.
I can become psychotic when manic or mixed.
My current diagnosis is bipolar disorder.

With all these meds I don’t become full blown manic thank God.
But I still experience hypomania ever so often.

Never in fact… My sz is so bad, that it turned me almost into an animal :sweat: I was in pain for long, with so oppressed “me”, that I even didn’t know which music or which food I like, or which people… I was very tough on me too, the hard core school in fact :smirk: And it was painful the most of the time…
My best ill friend gets manias and she loves the hypomanias. She even aims to be all the time in hypomania :slightly_smiling_face: but her sz episodes devastate her a lot…
Take care

That’s awful.
And right now do you know these things?

Not yet… but today I felt my soul for a few!!! For the first time andrey!!
I was very severe sz yeah… few were like that… I was in hell for the last 20 years, andrey… my personality regressed to something savage, not human…
I am still on the edge of the suicide, cause I can’t make my peace that I was so ill for so long…
I wasn’t human for decades andrey… I think of my sins too, I had before bad thoughts :cold_sweat:
Idk, you can’t even imagine how I am… maybe I have a bpd as well as the sz, maybe even a bit of autism…
Idk…but I feel alone even here to have been so bad… I couldn’t even talk andrey, think, feel positive feelings, walk, move… for years… that’s all…
Now this past of a total illness haunts me… who will need me with such a severe past? :smirk::sweat: