What is your favorite kind of dog?

What is your favorite kind of dog? My favorite kind of dog is a black lab. I am starting to like small dogs as well, since we got this dog.


I don’t have a favourite kind of dog but I like Golden Retrievers, for example. They are cute :blush: :heart: but I prefer cats. And I have three cats. They are very cuddly and soft, I love them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I like dogs too but I don’t have them and I have interacted with them less than cats in my life so I’m less used to them.

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This is my favourite dog, it’s a danish/swedish type of dog called “Dansk svensk gårdhund”

When i was a kid, every farm had one (it’s excellent to catch rats)



Dogue de Bordeaux


I like medium sized dogs. I don’t knw what they all are called

I like Yorkshire terriers. My dog in Miami was a tea cup

The Dogue de Bordeaux is such an expressive breed @anon94176359!

Have you ever watched Turner and Hooch with Tom Hanks in it? It’s a cool 80’s movie featuring Hanks as a detective and Hooch (a Dogue de Bordeaux) as his sidekick. Worth a watch!

I also have a Dogue de Bordeaux as my computer wallpaper :slightly_smiling_face:.


I’m not a huge dog lover. I prefer cats - they clean themselves, keep to themselves but are still affectionate. I find dogs too energetic. I also find big dogs a little intimidating, but i don’t mind little dogs. Still, my favourite dog is probably the dachshund or the corgi.

I love turner & hooch!! They are the best dogs and the cutest puppies!


I love Dachshunds, they are so spirited and cute!

But my favorites are mixed breeds.

My old dog was a mixed breed, he was part dachshund.

Man how I miss that dog!

It used to be the Cocker Spaniel but when I was researching dog breeds for my latest dog I can across a mixed breed called a “Havashu” so I got one. He is half havanese and half shih tzu. He is just the right size for me, not too big and not too small, about 25lbs. This is my favourite breed now.

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I like Golden Retrievers.

I like mixed breeds with some terrier in them. Yes, they are high energy, but they’re really smart.

I grew up with dogs, and transitioned to cat lady when I was 24.

border collies =3

My corgi has a special place in my heart.

She likes to work and helps me with chores. Is very affectionate. Silly and talkative.

I’ve met other corgi’s that are the same way, owners say it’s a breed thing.

My dog is my favorite lol

maltipoo or a cavapoo

I’ve always loved Pomeranians. So cute!! So fluffy!! So small!!!

We got our first dog, last year. He’s very big! He’s a Great Pyrenees!! Very white and fluffy!!! So, I really love Pyrs now, too.

Honestly, ever since I bonded with my first dog, I appreciate all dogs more. They’re all so much cuter, to me, now. I guess it’s because I know what dogs are really like, now. :relaxed:

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