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What is your disability benefit story like


I have been ill since I was 17. My foster mother filled out the disability application and I was awarded disability living allowance (DLA) without a medical. The medical basically is to see if you meet the disability criteria. I’m still on DLA 15 years later. At the time if you got highest DLA payment you diid not have to attend medical for Incapacity Benefit so from 2005 to 2012 I was left alone

In 2012 I changed from Incapacity Benefit to Employment Support Allowance. It was made harder to claim ESA to reduce claims so to save the government money. I got put straight into the support group without a medical, same again in 2015 and I’m currently have another assessment at the moment but it looks like I will be put in the support group again.

My mental disabilities are very well documented and I have lots of input from social services and supported living staff (group home for americans)

What is your disability benefit story like


31% income drop since 2015. Lots of disabled in a similar position. In the support group equivalent for universal credit.


Hopefully when I change over to UC I will get transitional protection.


I get 880 social security benefit a month.


I get $490 here in the US, not the full $700 something bc I don’t live alone, I’ve been living with my parents. My medication and doctors appointments and stuff are covered under my benefits as well. It’s nothing to live on unless you live with roommates and eat ramen, even then it’s still nothing. But it’s something nice to spend every month for occasional expenses. What I do is buy bitcoin with it, that way the money will compound in years to come and the government doesn’t track it as money I’m trying to save In case they want to give me less. I suggest other people buy bitcoin with it if the bitcoin price is ever low- Ive made about $400 this year alone!


I have ESA (support group) and PIP standard rate. Didn’t have a medical for either fortunately


Have ESA support group and DLA high and low.


Disability gives me 2500 / mo. From USA


DLA high rate care, low mobility - ESA support group.


Same as me 151515


How is that???


Well I’m 38 and started collecting at 36. I guess I paid a lot of taxes


I get £1.880 a month. My housing is £748 because its specialised housing.


Just found out what an ABLE account is, I’m getting one. People really need to know about this, unless I’m the last one to the party on this topic!


I was told to apply for SSI and Medicaid when I first got sick in the hospital. I at first only got 449 a month then it went up after I started paying more money in rent.


That’s good that you worked and got sick later.


I am retired so I get a retirement check, vA didability and SSDI. But I went back to work in August so my SSDI gets reviewed in May.

I paid a lot in taxes too.


I applied for disability in the u.s. but I’m still waiting on an answer I hope it works out I’m very worried about what to do if it doesn’t work out.


I was on jobseeker’s rates over here in Australia but applied for the pension because I was going through too many jobs and struggling to work. I’ve been on the pension since 2004 but had a half year off to work in a bookshop but became paranoid again. Over here you can suspend the pension for a couple of years to try and work and just go back on it if you fail.

Money is ok as I live with my parents. I give them a lot and can live off the rest a pretty decent existence. It’s not conventional but I enjoy my life.


I was denied at the time because the doctor said I could work even when I was struggling so much. Now I get diagnosed as most improved and am even less likely to obtain disability.