Benefit calculator and disability benefits I receive

I just did the benefit calculator to see how much social security benefits I recieve added up over the year and the income I receive including my housing benefit and disability benefits is £28.000 a year - $36.000 US dollars. I don’t have to pay no health care costs out that. In the U.K. health care is free and I don’t need to pay anything towards the Invega depo I’m forced to take… How does it compere to where you are?

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Dang that’s awesome… if I get approved I’ll be getting 650 a month us dollars.

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That’s better than what I get, well I don’t know because I get free medicine and that’s over $2000 a month so…no it’s still way better

Good luck, I know its nerve wracking. I had my appointment 10 years ago(In the States). Before that I had gone out on disability from my company, which helped my case. I also had approx. 5 years of being a mental Health Consumer under my belt. I recall there was a memory test which sort of felt like the only objective aspect.

Another point I recall is that I said I thought I’d “made enough mistakes that my past was going to revisit me.” I caught a glimmer of genuine sympathy from the guy. Hope this info helps, I got it on my first try. I’m up for a follow up I’d imagine so in that sense I can relate.

After they take out for health care I get about $1,225 a month. This amount is not taxed.

This is probably the median income for sz board member in the states. Some are higher; some lower.

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I used to get tonnes.

I wish I still did

Mine’s a little higher although after two years won’t you see a “raise”? Isn’t medicare paid by the government (or something.)? I should really know this but you know, memory issues. Also it may have been a raw deal for me in a sense… I worked longer than I should have which helped the amount but I’m “all gone” as Springsteen would say.

For me it’s about $21600 . It used to be about $25,300 when on DLA instead of PIP .

Medicare is deducted from the benefit settlement.

This year it’s like $136 A month I think

Ok. We’re probably on the same page and I don’t want to sound pedantic. This stuff is confusing and my old man helps so much that i may know less than i should.

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Just shows it probably doesn’t pay to work.

Where I work people can get paid about £19,000 a year and they’re stuck living with parents as they could never afford to move out

That’s really good. I think the max disability benefits you can get in US are like 30,000 a year

I’m not sure how much I get but it is enough atm and I can afford a trip to Ireland, just need someone to go with now

Tbh I’m pretty jealous of the UK folks who make enough on disability to go on holiday every year. I wish the US prioritized holiday trips the way the UK does.


I get $700/ month USD, and I pay for Medicare health insurance. So after paying for Medicare and my Medicare Advantage Plan, I get $500/month. It’s not much.

I’m in the states as well. My court hearing is set in April. With my education level (bachelors) and age (27) it’s made it hard to get. But I have been in therapy since I was 18 and hospitalized up to 10 times and can work some hours, but every time I try to increase this I go psychotic or depressed. Like now for example. :tired_face: had to work 30 hours to make rent and I’m in an episode. Its nerve wracking to say the least.

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It’s an appeal then? I think that’s more common than getting it the first time around. It was 10 years ago for me, and I guess the most pivotal thing that occurred is that I told my interviewer that I “Thought I was a famous person”. I halfway expected him to ask, but then again it was probably in my files.

I guess I’m sorry that you’re only looking at 650… what line of work are/were you in? (If you feel like answering) and is cost of living lower than say someone who lives near New York city)? (I almost said “coast” but that gets really political really fast).

It’s ok you can treat those questions as rhetorical and/or that people on the board truly care.

I may be in trouble which is manifesting as being as helpful as possible. We should probably be aware of the concept of insight and such.

I just have something I’m dreading deeply on the horizon and am off balance.

I should mention around £10.000 of my £28.000 income goes towards my rent, which is expensive as I live in supported housing with staff on site 24/7. On £18.000 a year I live a comfortable life.

If you go to DES they’ll give you food stamps, Medicaid and cover your Medicare portion.