What is your current antipsych meds

Mine is

morning : 1 10 mg zyprexa and 1 100 mg seroquel
mid-day : 1 100 mg seroquel
evening : 2 10 mg zyprexa and 4 100 mg seroquel

I know that this medication has affected my brain during many years and my thinking is not as fast as it used to be. 3285 antipsych pills a year.

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Seroquel 400mg…

Invega. 1mg I also take lexapro 10 mg

Unfortunately i take Abilify 10 mg in the mornings.

Risperidone 4 mg.

Wellbutrin XL 450 mg (three 150 mg tablets) and Lamictal 200 mg every morning, and Aristada (aripiprazole) injection 882 mg (high strength) every three weeks.

Risperidone 2mg

Geodon: 80 x 2 daily
Seroquel: 400 x 2 daily

These drugs give me a quality of life not possible on other drugs. They do me just right.

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Morning: 15mg Abilify, 300mg Neurontin, 300mg Lithium
Lunch: 300mg Neurontin
Evening: 100mg Seroquel, 300mg Neurontin, 600mg Lithium

And .5mg Xanax when needed.

Seroquel 400 mg at hour of sleep

Just 80 mg Geodon at dinner time, and I’m good to go!

120 mg Latuda morning
150 mg seroquel taken in 50mg doses as PRN
300 mg seroquel at bedtime

I am on 200mg amisulpride …!! Still battling with Diagnosis …!!!

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Risperidone 2 mg at bedtime. Pacitane 2 mg in the morning.

1 gram sarcosine 6am
1 gram sarcosine 2pm
800mg Seroquel at night
4mg klonopin at night

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3mg Risperidone at night

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10 mg Abilify in the morning
15 mg Abilify at night

Risperidone 3mg

Amisulpride 200mg (100mg morning and 100mg night)
Olanzapine 2,5mg (at night)

Nothing :frowning: I’m waiting for my lab results to come in as to why I’ve been having urinary issues before I go back on anything. My worst fear is that it’s interstitial cystitis which has no treatment and that it’s being inflamed by medication thus making it almost impossible for me to be on anything…though finding out I have diabetes or something would be terrible too…

Anyways I’m hoping I get my results by next week at least.