What is your current antipsych meds

Rexulti 2 mg and in a couple weeks it’ll be increased to 4 mgs

Haldol 5 mgs as needed which I haven’t needed in like a month

every night:
1mg Risperidone
1200mg Trileptal (mood stabilizer but I take it for sleep)

Latuda 40
Lamictal 150
Prozac 25

3mgs Risperidone
.5mgs Risperidone as needed
both at night

20 MG of Zyprexa at night

So you are the sexiest man alive…lol…ok so you don’t accept you have SZA? I cal it demonic oppression, the docs call it SZA.

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I accept i have an illness…!! But its really being difficult for me to continue like this in life …!! I Have super less energy and positively In my life I tried everything To Avoid Mental illness…!!! I Failed to come out …!!!
I have not really found my right combination of medicine …!! DOc says i don’t have Sz …But i am not able work or hold a JOb …!!! I hope u can understand My complexities …!!! a very good morning to U …!!! Which medication are U On @anon25437907…!! I just got curious …!!! Now i am trying every possible thing to recovery …!!

My 3/2011 prescription.

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far cry it’s written shizoeffective disorder.

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Okay What’s ur Second medicine ?? @anon68148378 …!!

I told you that earlier.

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I am sure its not aripiprazole …Is it mood Stabilizer …???

Here it is.

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My exact regimen is as follows after 6 years of trial and error:

  1. 300 mg Wellbutrin, 120mg Latuda (this is the anti-psychotic)
  2. 225 mg Effexor
  3. 5mg valium 3x a day
  4. 50 mg seroquel 3x a day
  5. 50 mg benadryl 3x a day
  6. 200 mg Prozasin at bed time
  7. 300 mg seroquel at bed time
  8. 12.5 CR Ambien at bedtime
    Wellbutrin and Effexor are both anti-depressants
    Seroquel and Latuda are anti-psychotics
    Benadryl, and valium are anti-anxiety
    Prozasin is for PTSD flasbacks and nightmares -(works well)

If something is not working for you, speak up because there may be a different med you can try. I can’t work either. I am on disability from Social Security Administration. I am a lawyer but license may be in inactive disabled status forever if I don’t move somehow.

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I asked U Aku …!!! Cuz i also want to try aripiprazole …!! They say it has low side effect …!!! And i take Amisulpride it messes with my Sleep …!!! Currently my medicine is not working for me …!! I have intense Irritation Anger Hostility …!!! My doc refuses to diagnose Me Sz …!!! I want to change my Doc Now …!!!
I told u i don’t have strong sleeping pattern …!! I take Zolpidem For Sleep …!!! I am having very tuff Time …!!
I even can’t sit still …! And Gooooooooooooooooood Night Aku …!!!

There for I joined this forum that as I recover, may any of you will find a path to live at least.


Thanks Aku I always wanted effective Medication …!! I am changing my Pdoc …!! I wish i could seek a Indian Psychiatrist …!!!

Man u are already recovered …!!! I like the way u do ur Job …!!! Thanks Man …!!!

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I take lexipro, 4mg of Rexulti, and 300mg of clozapine. Also I take klonipin as needed.

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All u guys are respected …!!! I want a good poc and right medication …!!

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