What is This Symptom?

Not sure if this would be considered a disorganized symptom, it seems pretty odd to me… I get times where I can’t focus on anything for more than a few minutes, I just sort of jump from one thing to another. Watch movies for a half hour, listen to music for a half hour, smoke, watch tv… And I feel very anxious. What is this? My dx is Psychotic Disorder NOS but they are looking at moving it to Schizophrenia.

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I kinda just think of that as anxiety. Anxiety isn’t just a cerebral thing, it has physical effects.

What you are describing above usually happens to me when I’m Worried. I use logic or reason to tell myself I shouldn’t worry, but my body hasn’t gotten the message yet. So I bounce from thing to thing until I get Distracted or Consumed by something else.

That’s my take anyway. I like to Minimize.

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Sounds like just bad concentration. I get that too. Anxiety also messes with your concentration.


So it’s probably not a side effect of Haldol? I noticed this starting about the time I got on Haldol. I was very anxious at that point not knowing w hat my dx would be but now that I have my dx… Seems like I should be calmed down. I hope it is just anxiety though.

anxiety, i get it too i got it bad last night but got up and watched different things on tv to distract me, also did some sit ups

sometimes doing a little bit of excercise does good like a bit of piates or yoga xxxxxxxx


That’s a great idea! My mom ordered one of those cheap knock off bowflex things, she never uses it so maybe I could try that. It’s definitely gotten worse since I stopped working so you’re probably right that the lack of activity is making it worse.

The thing that freaks me out is that I have “anxiety” in my body but I’m not worried about anything! So confusing…


Sounds like cognitive issues short attention span. I have the same issue, ive found taking higher dose antipsychotics helps. Unfortunately higher dose antipsychotics impair other cognitive functions.

I also have memory problems, too. Like I would be at work and I would have to be told how to do something many times, even things I had done for a long time. I forget names, I forget what day it is, I do something and then forget that I did it so I do it again… Is that consistent with disorganized symptoms due to cognitive deficit?

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That sounds like a combo of working memory, executive functioning issues and verbal and episodic memory impairment.

So that means I have disorganized symptoms? Because I wasn’t given Schizophrenia diagnosis because dr said I had no disorganized or negative symptoms. And I also have thought blocking.

No those are cognitive symptoms. Do a google search for “cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia” and you should find some relevant information.

Ohhh ok. So trouble thinking and memory problems are cognitive symptoms but thought blocking is a disorganized symptom? Way too many symptoms to keep track of here lol…

Write it down…I need to too…I go to my doc and my brain forgets at least half of the things I wanna say…I have trouble finding things even though they are often very obvious when I ask for help looking for it…it sucks…

It could be a medication side effect. One of my medications in the past gave me symptoms like that. I paced alot and it freaked people out. I had to keep moving and had a hard time keeping attention also.

@neveragain : Was that Haldol by chance? I’ve noticed this since being on Haldol really bad!

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I’ve never used haldol before I think it was abilify for me honestly. But I no longer take it so things aren’t as bad as they were. Perhaps get ahold of your perscriber asap and see if they can change your medication regimen.

I do know that Seroquel did the same to me… I think newer APs are worse than the old once to be honest. Can’t talk to the dr as she isn’t my dr anymore, have to wait to see my new one on the 22nd.

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Could this whole… Having to move around a lot, feeling restless, etc. Could that be akathisia? I’ve been taking Benadryl and Atarax for it but doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

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It most definitly could be, that’s what I had with abilify

I had that recently. I couldn’t play video games for more than an hour and would spend most of the day trying to do some project or another. It went away after a while. I think I was manic.