What is the worst country to be a schizophrenia suffferer in?

I hear people in 3rd world countries do better than those in 1st world countries.

Yeah but imagine to be a sz in north corea lol… Or something like this :confused:

I used to live in Singapore. I think Belgium is better to be mentally ill than Asia. I think there lot of people think mental illness is a lack of will power.


You’ll find stigma everywhere but it’s ok here in the States.
Not great but not terrible.


Maybe but you don’t have meds there and there is poverty.

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I dont know. I dont like how it is in my country, because most care is very cold-hearted and there is a total reliance on meds and the “chemical imbalance theory” and no attention at all for the social, psychological, spiritual aspects of psychosis. Which really did not fit what i needed and wanted.

I suspect in many thirld world countries it is the opposite and this too works well for some and not for others. But i dont know how it is there, really. Ideally doctors here would also learn from what they do well in the third world and the other way round.

I have also read about sz people being tied to a tree in their own dirt all their lives in some places. In which case i gratefully prefer to stay where i am.

(Btw: when i say spiritual aspects of psychosis i dont mean the “delusions are actually kundalini awakening to happily dive into” bullcrap, i mean that when you are in real fear of death for years, it is pretty normal to be overwhelmed, show weird responses and be confronted with all sorts of existential questions.)

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why would someone think the third world would be better to be mentally ill in?

they dont have meds, as was pointed out. or stuff like that.


Because some people actually prefer to be treated without (constant) meds and do better that way, and there is hardly room for that here.

I think in some places, there might be things that are better. Such as, making wild guesses now, more social cohesion, more valueing of rituals, less disconnect from nature and less pressure to be extremely efficient and organised.

Ideally countries would learn from each other.

I do think it is important if meds are available, but i think there are other important things that might be overlooked here.


my impression is meds help more people than they dont help. i can see that third world countries are less stressful as far as routines and such.


the middle east if you say anything against Allah the put you to death depending on the faith of the government’s or most of the people


I see that many other people seem to prefer meds. Im not in favour of everyone being forced to do without.

I just look at it from my own perspective: I wasnt helped this way. I prefer to deal with my symptoms without meds and there is no room for that at all in the western medical system. I wish they would think from a broader perspective and learn from what is good in other countries, without throwing out what is good here. And understand healing takes more than a 5 minute “here is a pill to numb you, bye”. But that’s what i had wanted…Not everyone needs the same.

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In many third world countries, schizophrenics take on the roll as Shaman or Healer.
No meds.

But I don’t think this would be ideal.

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İ think there is no ideal place for sz patients.everwhere has unique different difficulties for us.i m living in 3 world country.(actually technically its first world country but anyways).Here is biggest difficulties for sz patient personal ignorance and powerty.luckly i can find every medicine except for some really new ones .other than this all struggles are same.i experience lot of difficulties at here just because of i m mentally ill.but everything is about your mentality and your way of thinking.only saver of you is your will.not where you are living.

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I’d think a country with poor access to proper mental health treatment.

Its bad everywhere, but im lucky and blessed a lot here. My family is my support system. Doc just provides my meds.

I read that some countries like India have better success but im not taking my chances or some research.

I have bad negatives.

Stigma is everywhere. My dad thinks i lack willpower and he’s been to nami …

Some people say schizophrenics get a role as Shaman. But my understanding is that the folks who live where Shamanism is practiced know the differences between a schizophrenic and a Shaman.


I aint saying its better. But 50% of schizophrenics in developing coutries recover to function normallhy, while only 15% in the west world.

I think this has to do with the social fabric. I live in a first world country and it isnt as famiily oriented. So I am alone.

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I know… I dont know what the cause is. Some say it is exactly the fact that no meds are used, that makes people recover better. Some say it is the social ties.

Im sorry you are so alone.

Im not fully alone (I have my child, whom i have a good relationship with), but i lack other good family relations too.

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Funny you say that, I’d think people in third world countries would be worse off. I guess taking meds and playing video games is better than being a shaman in a country where bugs crawl all over you when you sleep /shrug

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Yes, but the community is far stronger. In the west SZ people are often alone. And also if your a poor sz in the west, homelessness is a major problem.