What is the Worst Anti-Psychotic you've been on?

For me it was Mellaril - life was worse than a nightmare and I never felt so terrible.


I know that a lot of people do well on Abilify, but it was not the right drug for me.

Latuda and klonopin .worst feeling. Being so tired but you can’t sleep or shake the sleepy feeling. Nothing was amazing at the time

Seroquel, it nearly killed me.

Saphris, I was suicidal taking that. Followed by Zyprexa then abilify. I like invega.

Haldol was the worst, abilify ranks second worst for me

My first medication was Mellaril. It was actually before I even got diagnosed, I had just been seeing my first therapist ever for several months. When it was prescribed for me I took it like candy. I was a druggie (kind of) and I figured I could handle any drug. I took it like any street drug I had used. I think I was supposed to take three pills a day but I would take 5 or 6 a day if I felt like it or take one pill if I felt like it. And if I felt like it I would skip two or three days. I think once I took 8 pills on a whim. In hindsight it was extremely stupid of me, and dangerous, but I didn’t know any better. I took it for three or four months and I barely felt like it had any effect on me.

My worst was Zyprexa. I haven’t had to try a bunch of bad antipsychotics. Zyprexa made me eat my entire fridge every night.


If there was a drug that could worsen my illness, that was it.


Zyprexa was my first one. That did absolutely nothing for me. It was like a sugar pill.

For weight gain: Zyprexa.

For damage to physical health: Clozaril. Wiped out my immune system and damn near killed me.

For sedation: Haldol.

my worst med was Reboxitine but that was an anti depressand and it gave me muscle spasms and i was hospitalized because of it for 3-4 weeks

but the worst anti-psychotic i have been on was abilify because i didnt take to that drug when i changed it was making me worse but it led to me taking my current med so thats good in that sense.

Clozapine - the side effects were horrendous

Seroquel, the worst so called tactile hallucinations ever

Abilify, it was torture.

Can’t decide between respiridone and haloperidol - both were hell on earth.

Clozapine. It nearly kill me. I had stay in a hospital for more than a month. My gall bladder had been removed. After 10 months, my surgical wound is still not fully recover yet…

Olanzapine (Zyprexa) put me weight on for 25kg. --within 1 year

Risperidone (Risperdal) enlarged my breast. --within 10 years