What is the potato reference please?

I protest, therefore I am.

Without potatoes there is no God!
Justice for the Almighty Potato Lord!
His delicious wrath shall come on Potato day!

There should be a international potato day.


Please no haters—I am a rice-tafarian.

Imagine a world w/o rice–it would be a joyless place indeed. No sushi, no California Roll, no rice krispies treats… I think I’ve made my point.


You shall not recieve any hate from me. I believe there is room for one more delicious god, why not?

I am all about the Muffin God. Lesser known but amazing deity.

I am making muffins tomorrow in its honor, once these bananas finally turn brown (taking FOREVER).

Chocolate chip banana muffins are my specialty ritual.

I will devour them all and be given a muffin top, which is a sign that you have been blessed by the Muffin God.


I’ve been searching for my own truth for years, and now I think I have found it. Steamed! Fried! Spiced! Wild! Sticky! Loose! With seaweed! With curry!

All hail rice, on its supple flowing stalks, in its paddies of water and mud!

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That’s equally valid.

Although I’m starting to get the impression you all don’t believe in the power of the Almighty Potato.

Here’s proof:
French fries. They’re not french, and they can be done in the oven.

Who else but not the Potato God himself to think of suck nonsense. That’s why there’s only one.

Including the Flying Spaghetti Monster that is the same god of course. Different outfit.

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Why? The potato and the rice don’t really go along together, that’s a truth. Shall we start a holy meme war?

I forgot, I can’t post any more potato memes. Nevermind.

But the rice and the pasta, the very essence of the Spaghettimonster, live in harmony.

:rice: :rice_ball: :rice_cracker: :rice_scene: :sushi: :curry:

I’m sorry, did you ever had rice and pasta for dinner? I think you should try it. Meatballs and rice are alright, spaghetti and rice don’t match.

Oh shoot! Now I’m really torn. I may have to switch from rice-tafarian to the Church of the Muffin Top. One of my nicknames for my little dog is “My Little Muffin Top”. My little dog is a Muffin Top disciple and she has converted me. All Hail the Muffin Top!


It’s great to see people changing beliefs, really gives consistency to the cause.


Risotto :whale: I had it yesterday. Twice! So good :whale:

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Lol. Alright, but that’s not pasta. It’s rice with cheese and you had it for breakfast.

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And dinner! :whale:


I’m loving the animals though. Maybe we should just go back to adoring cats. Almighty Cat, the Unbreakable, Seven-times-lived-seven-times-returned.

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rice noodles…

All sounds good, but what is the potato going to do for me? Also, what type of potato? Could I call him ‘Spud’ for short?

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:cat::cat2::cat: agreed

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See? Good diplomacy right here. We could end the war on middle east.

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Yesh you can. The Almighty Potato doesn’t mind.

I’m thinking though, maybe I can get ministered and perform weddings under the great potato law of love.

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