What is the most artistic weapon you own?

I’m not sure, medicine is a strange thing, the art of fighting without fighting, it’s a cliché I know, everybody wants to rule the world, controlling people is diplomacy, an exchange or mutual choice, mathematics, language, word and sound, does anyone here believe in death;

I used to be dead, so it’d be absurd for me to deny the reality of death. My most powerful spiritual weapon is the certainty that some form of admittedly precarious life goes on when I’m not looking.

That’s easy. My R----- beads.

my pen which was gifted to me

I can’t carry weapons anymore as I had an incident. But I had some sweet knives, nunchucks, kitana, I’d have to say my fav was a baton though. But in terms of metaphors I don’t fight much anymore, the world is how it is because people are how they are. Even in the afterlife it will probably be tough because humans are humans assumin there is something after the entombin. Best to not lose one’s self in the big picture as it’s an abyss and if you pee into the abyss long enough the abyss pees back into you. Time is limited in this plane, make the most of it by enjoying the physical world with arts and projects. Is my theme. Enjoy.

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