Do you still have swords for the fight

no one ever dared to say you need a sword and shield todayto battle all you must fightto hold the right and fight the wrong for the battle is not just in the mind but to the prejudice of mankind to take a normal life when everything isn’t right with it can’t be found you fight to turn it all around.


Sword of the spirit and shield of faith.

I used to have a real sword but it got stolen :frowning:(I didn’t carry it around or use it as a weapon though, it usually just hung on the wall…)

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I wish I had a 3D printer, I would totally make pen that looked like a mini-sword. It would bear the Inscription: “Mightier than itself = Infinitely Mighty”

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I ran out of swords, so, I have been watching videos on improvised weapons.

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Hi dr Zen,
How are you?
That used to be my tag like years over 8 years ago with a picture of a katana. I was studying Iaido.
That thought worked for me at the time, but it was part of my delusions. I felt like I was attacked all the time.

I’m happy to say I no longer need that crutch to survive day to day.

I was even looking at zen Buddhism at the time, but Christianity was a better choice for me.