What is the hardest thing you have ever done in your life?

When I was off my medication I tried to leave and start a new life in another state and abandon everything and everyone
I got in my car and drove as fast and as far as I could, going back and forth between my city and a new place
I thought my girlfriend and co workers were trying to kill me


Well I would say the Discreet Mathematics course I took in college. Not being able to take care of myself and moving in with my mom was about the worst thing I have ever done.


Running away from my grandmas house with nothing but the shirt on my back. It took so long to work up the courage to walk out. I wan’t well but I was proud of myself for being so brave.


A guy had come and gotten me in the mental hospital, and he took me to this assisted living center way off in the sticks. I stayed there a couple of hours and decided the place wasn’t right for me, so right after supper I walked out on the highway and started hitch hiking. I did not get any rides from the assisted living center, so I had to walk eight miles to the nearest town. I got there at about 12:30 pm, I think. The town was strung out along the highway, so walking through that town was another three or four miles. At the next town there was a post office way off away from everything, so I laid down there for a couple of hours. Then, in the early morning next day I got a ride from these guys who wanted me to do some roofing with them. I was tired, but I agreed. I was full of Prolixin at the time, and it wasn’t long before the sun was eating my lunch. I kept at it for two or three hours, and then the guy in charge of the show realized that the sun was killing me, so he told me that if I carried ten of these bundles of shingles up a ladder and placed them on the roof of the house, he would pay me a full day’s wages. They asked me where I wanted to be left off, and I said I wanted out in the town of Keota. I hitch hiked to the town of Stigler, and I found this little park with a baseball diamond in it. There were these benches in a dug out in the baseball diamond, and I laid down on one until it was sunset. There was a public library not far away, but something told me that going into something so chilly after being so overheated might make me sick, so I didn’t go in. Also, I figured that by this time I smelled like a dead dog, and I didn’t want to inflict that on the good residents of Stigler. When the sun was setting I walked back onto the highway and stuck out my thumb. A surprisingly good looking girl picked me up. I wished something like that would happen when I smelled like a human being. She took me to another town, and from there I got rides all the way into Porum. I tried laying down in the post office there, but the local sheriff told me I couldn’t do that. He took me to a diner and said I could spend the rest of the night there. I decided to start walking, and I walked the rest of the night. I was getting really tired about then.
In the morning I laid down for a little while in an abandoned nursing home. I lingered here and there in Muskogee, and then at 5:00 o’clock I went to the Gospel Rescue Mission and got a good supper and a good shower. When I went to bed that night that was the best rest I had ever gotten. There have been a couple of other times when I had to walk all night. Pretty gnarly.


Good story. I’m glad for you that you aren’t homeless now!


The hardest thing I done is going through psychosis. I did it in the past and right now I am psychotic again. Is hard to see so am soaring the people I love, getting angry on them because I can not bear being alive. But I somehow get through this by spending good time alone with my cat. Is precious to see I can be on my own. YouTube vloggers about fashion helped me a lot. Yeah I am a women and I can always learn something new about being nicely dressed and groomed. Although is hard to get in the shower sometime.
Love, peace :peace_symbol: and understanding to everyone in here! :heart_eyes_cat:


It will happen in the future when I say goodbye to my Mom for the last time. I don’t really know when that will be but I thought of that answer because she is currently in the hospital.


I take it back. The hardest thing I have ever done by far was to take 40 mg Haldol daily. That was pure hell.


Yes i think psychosis was the hardest, or hearing voices first. So far everything else dosent seem as hard

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I would say moving from South Australia to Queensland. I never told my family i was going to leave them. I was 19, and all i had was a suitcase of clothes, and some books.


The hardest thing I’ve ever done, was surviving being put on seroquel. I went bananas and it nearly killed me. Everything else pales in comparison.


Hardist thing? Signing the Decree Nici, a divorce agreement. And letting my duaghter (my dumpling) go.

I had some miniscule insight at the time - that i was causing them distress, so i let em go.

Broke my heart - and still does to this day.

If only i was diagnosed sooner - and medicated properly, i might have been able to rescue the relationship. But alas not.

Losing my Corinne is a pain i carry in my heart for the rest of my life.


The hardest thing I’ve done was living at the Midnight Mission on skid row in downtown Los Angeles twice and sleeping at the Los Angeles Mission and the Emmanuel Baptist Mission for over a month and getting only about six hours of sleep each night.

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Living with my parents and living with my mum n stepdad n the way they treated me and on top of that getting bullied by youngsters and raped and mistreated was tough.

Voices torturing me was rough 24/7 for probably eight years.
Also being told by whole family i have to have a abortion because I can’t take care of self and yelling at me I have no choice and then me having a abortion and never being a mother but I am a mum to fur babies.

Driving interstate with walkie-talkie was very challenging for me but best thing ever.
My boyfriend directed me and never talked down at me with respect and deepest love.
My biggest regret is leaving sa and perfect family and home with x and girls.
But good things came of it too such as I got to be vegan activist and meet new boyfriend and my former stepmother helps me.

Back when I was a young teenager and child I felt awful and was not understood and I had insomnia and anxiety etc and no medication or understanding or comfort just what felt like hard nasty treatment.

After surgery of having ovaries removed was physically hard to deal with.
It hurt so much.
About two days where time went so slowly and pain felt intense.

Being a child and crying why does nobody love me and meaning it.
Being a child with suicide thoughts and deep depression and no feelings of hope.

Feeling horrible feeling inside me where I don’t feel like myself and can’t catch my breath.

Being molested was horrible but i don’t think about it but it did happen.

there were some breakups that were very difficult when i was young. going back to public school when i was a kid. getting through feeling a million miles away in my mind it lasted 18 years. the relationship with D. getting through my years long hospital stay. quitting drinking too.

The first 1 month after my first break when they put me on high dosages of haldol, and i was so confused. i cant really describe it. it was not pleasent.

I completed University when I was completely out of mind with psychosis


Quitting Olanzapine. I spent 4 years weening off 40mg. I then went a month without sleep from withdrawal insomina. I finally found sleep meds but it’s been 9ish months and I can’t sleep a whole night without them. Trying to quit and recover from this med has been the worse. I don’t know if I’ll ever fully recover. At this rate it’s gonna be at least another year. If that is the case, between weening off it to full recovery will have been 6 years!

basic training in the army i think.