What is the difference between OCD and psychosis?

Does anyone really know its confusing?

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Ones an anxiety disorder the others a thinking disorder

Ocd is actually exactly what it sounds like

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Maybe people with psychosis have this too

And people with ocd can have psychosis, but it’s usually ocd w/ psychotic features

While psychosis as the primary dx is a whole different animal imo. Schizophrenia for example which is a psychotic disorder has a complexity of components. Ocd is more rooted in obsessive thinking which drives anxiety.

with OCD I’m anxious if things aren’t a certain way and I’m obsessed and preoccupied about certain things depending on what I’m stuck on at that time, and I have behaviors that I have no choice but to do, with psychosis I feel like I’m in a dream I can’t wake up from and that things aren’t real.

There’s a big difference between the two. Ocd is just a compulsive disorder which leads you to do repetitive behavoirs. Psychosis is a basically a break from reality.

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OCD is when you have an obsessive need to perform rituals. Like wash your hands all the time, or touch a door knob all the time, etc…

Psychosis is hallucinations (Seeing, hearing and feeling things that are not there) and delusions (Beliefs and thoughts that are not true.)

Obsessive compulsive disorder is your own personal beliefs you developed, that you believe are protective. You feel compelled to do these things. Psychosis is symptoms that you have no control over that develop from stressful sources.

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