What is the difference between depression and negative symptoms/

Hey guys , as above, thoughts?


Depression is Depression and nagative symptoms is when you have lack of motivation and you have hard time enjoying things. Nagative symptoms doesn’t mean when you are depressed. You can be on antidepressant and still have negative symptoms. When it comes to depression i heard antidepressant helps. Someone else can probably explain it better though


Yeah I’ve had both and I reckon it’s often hard to tell the difference.

Depression usually comes with disturbed sleep and appetite (either increased or decreased) and with pessimistic thoughts.

Negative symptoms mean lack of motivation, absence of pleasure in doing anything and often difficulties in forming thoughts or in speaking.

So when depressed you’re feeling bad about yourself, maybe you even hate life. With negative symptoms you might still be optimistic, but feel very apathetic and powerless.


to me stress leads to agitation which sometimes turns into depression. that is why i dont like my boat to be rocked. negatives may leave you more pre-disposed to getting stressed I think. Turns you less tolerant, more irritable.


Their symptoms overlap but my pdoc told me I have negative symptoms and not depression. Afaik antidepressant don’t work for negative symptoms unless maybe if they boost dopamine like Wellbutrin. Negative symptoms are much more treatment resistant vs depression.


In negative symptoms there is severe loss of facial expression, difficulty in speaking, difficulty in thinking and few emotions, in depression there are strong and lasting emotions


I think a lot of symptoms overlap. I think for myself if it was depression I would still feel desire for something want something that makes me depressive.

Negative symptoms make me not care about anything. Flat feeling. I can want to create something. Try and not feel anything doing it and quit. Social isolation feels right.

Depression changes your mood you feel unhappy. Sad emotions. Upset you feel this way and upset about things not going right.

Maybe negative symptoms long term will bring me depression. I think that can happen.

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I have both depression and negative symptoms

I feel they are the same f u c k I n g thing.

Just plain misery and can’t do anything but feel empty… Negative symptoms, or sad… Depression


Symptoms can be similar, but the origin of them and treatment are totally different. Negative symptoms are more stable over time. Depression symptoms tend to fluctuate, often independent of other schizophrenia symptoms. Sadness and crying are also suggestive of depression.


Bout a razor thin line….

When I’m depressed I feel sad and guilty and want to self harm

When I have negative symptoms it’s more chronic avolition and flat emotion and feeling blank

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Negative symptoms and depression symptoms are basically the same. The only difference is with depression you feel very sad. Negative symptoms you don’t feel any sadness.

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