What is the best gift you have received?

what is the best gift you have received?

I have received a lot of presents…

The best one was at valentine.

I received a huge pink elephant balloon and a big red box. When I opened the red box (it was at least 40")
There were a lot of nice things in it. A mug, lots of chocolate, stationery, games, lingerie, it was a good present.

One other time I received a plush toy of a blue elephant.


Probably a bible my Mother bought me once.

My name is engraved on it.

It’s my most prized possession :heart:


Now as I am growing older… my gifts are more expensive jewelry, vacation tickets, fancy restaurants… money

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I don’t get many presents but there’s one thing I’d love and that’s a bunch of their favourite flowers. I’m not picky. It has to be their favourite.


It’s a great question.

The best I have received is in 1999, a silver necklace from my mother. She gave the same at the same time to my two other brothers and said to us that it represents brotherhood or love between us.

I loved it a lot because my brothers are very important to me, they have always been closed to me.

Since 1999, this necklace have never left my neck! I have only removed it to take my shower. There are very old photos of me in which we can see the necklace around my neck.

I will never stop wearing this necklace because I love too much my brothers.


Princess Pixel. :heart: