Presents- what did you give/ get?

It’s Christmas, so you gotta talk about the presents!


Got lots of clothes with cats on them, some specialty tea, and coffee body scrub! Gave two video games and a track suit.


I got a new phone (an oppo S57) mine is over four years old and keeps konking out. I got a bottle of chloe perfume because I’d run out, my sister sent me a book (her favourite book) and my mum got me a diary and a pen!


I gave my parents some special pain cream. And i got bunny stuff like hay cookies and papaya. And a portable battery.


New threads and new headphones.

I was actually surprised by the headphones lol.

They’re not loud enough though. :frowning:


Mom gave me $200! Other than that a sudoku set which I don’t play and some chocolate.


I got some yarn (from myself), chocolate and I’m expecting a couple of things from my gal-friend and Godmother.

This year I got the trip to Mexico for my mom (which passed), a very pretty crocheted blouse for my friend and I’m still working on a scarf for a dude-friend of mine.

I also need to get a stuffed toy for my nephew, who I haven’t even met yet! He was born earlier this year and we put off our meeting for a while. I’d like to get him something really cute.


I got long sleeves shirts and sweatpants, Star Wars shirt, an Asterix and Obelix book, a model airplane to build and paint (F-18 Super Hornet), deodorant spray socks and more underwear lol


I got a heated blanket, bubble bath and adult coloring books but the best was time with my sister.


@Kazuma you have a bunny?! My oldest daughter has a bunny named Pancake! He is a sweet lop who loves his green veggies and hopping around her bedroom where he likes to hide under her bed and dig into the carpet (he gets told “no” and then he stops). He is a doll.


“It’s better to give, than it is to receive”. Screw it, I’m lying, that’s bull and everybody knows it. A soldier at work gave everybody on my janitorial crew a box of chocolate candy. My step-dads lady friend gave me a set of thermal underwear. That’s it. This is the first year that our family didn’t exchange gifts. Oh yeah, I just remembered that my roommate told me he is going to go to the store and buy me a tub of ice cream. For his gift I was already planning to forget a $12.50 debt he owed me.


We didn’t exchange gifts this year as well.

I had boss once who would collect the Godiva chocolates that management would leave on everyone’s office doors and hand them out to his workers (me and my crew of two others). So yeah, better to give than to receive!

Wow Asterix and obelix.

I :two_hearts: love them.

My grandpa used to have lucky Luke , Asterix,Tin tin and modesty blaze.

They are special to me.

I gave one of these as Christmas gift.
I also gave lush shampoo,lush soap , nuts,cutlery, lion mints , more mints and ozi grown coffee, ozi made socks, China made cutlery holder, n a six pac of beer n few other things.

I started buying gifts in June n stored them in closet till Xmas.

I got hand cream, hygiene products and eyeliners, earings, special exotic fruit, books, money, photos,Christmas teddies with knitted jumpers and a few other things.

I am so happy I was not alone this Christmas and prayed for better relationships with my family and others and I am sorry for my wrongs gs I have had.

I love my family and my great mans family too.

I also got a unusual compliment from my mans nephew.
That made me happy too.

I have received so much goodness.

I also pray for you all in this forum and for our forum and niceness to each other etc

Blessed be!

I love my precious :gift:.

Very thankful.

Also for our food and drink and thoughtfulness and love put in to it.

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Yeah those 3 are great I grew up with them in Germany! Never heard of modesty blaze. But I’m glad you had a nice Christmas! Mine was really nice this year with family! :slight_smile:


i got a nice surprise when my sister got me a plush toy :slight_smile: its a little collie pup for when i haven’t got my mums dog.

i also got 3 toiletry sets and my nephew gave me a gift card for the music shop.

my mum Gave me a fifty which i will spend on a scrapbook and a diary :slight_smile:


I have 2. I love them dearly even if they can’t comprehend it and even if i cant show it. They’re the best thing thats happened to me. Such amazing creatures

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What I gave:

Lottie dolls for all the girls, a transformer for my son. Plus the Guild Wars 2 expansion: Path of Fire for all the kids. And a movie for my friend.

What I got:

A ring from my husband, and a cooking tray from my friend.

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