What is one item or piece of clothing that you want to invest in?

I would like to invest in tall rainboots, they are $130 though. I might order online.


Maybe some new shirts…

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I need heavy duty hoodies for winter, 2 of them

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Knee high wide calf boots

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a new screen for my current computer

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I want a hoodie I have seen online.
It is not cheap but I can afford it in a couple of months I think.
It looks good n gothic n snuggly n warm.

I buy most of my clothes from second hand shops or get given hand me downs.

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I signed up for stitch fix. They are going to ship outfits to my house. I will see if they send anything good. Maybe I will buy it and not send it all back.

I am a cheapskate. I don’t want any expensive clothes.

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I made 2 important discoveries about buying clothes this year.

  1. Amazon

  2. Burlington

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A floor length skirt. The last time I wore a dress, I weighed 50 pounds more than I do now so those clothes don’t fit.

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Another house. 15151515

I need a new zip top and runners gonna cost 200 euro


I’m kidding.

A nice jacket for the upcoming winter. I gotta feeling its gonna be a cold one.

Winter snow boots

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I was gonna say nothing I have so many clothes and shoes. But like charla I could use a good pair of snow boots. I haven’t liked the styles of them in the past years that why I haven’t bought them in years prior.

I keep planning on buying a few suits for events like weddings, funerals, or maybe church or dress up parties. I only have one suit, but I don’t like it, it’s pin-striped, I bought it when I was 18, probably still fits. I don’t like pin stripes anymore.

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