What is everyone up to today?


I am going to sleep if I can. Because I have not really slept enough.

First I will weigh myself and hope for the best. Aha.

Later I will maybe read.

I have a phone call.

But Tbh I’m not doing much today I feel like a car crash.

I just want to sleep the next two weeks away Tbh.


I had an average day today. Took a long walk in the morning to fully wake me up. Cooked two meals, had a regular chat with my son, read some book reviews on The Courage of Being Disgusted . But I am not very satisfied with today’s reading. I wish I could do more.


I’m in the states, so it’s VERY early in the morning here. I am drinking coffee and having first cigarette of the morning.
I plan to read a little in the new book i bought (is old, but it’s a new book to me).
Then I’m going to knit some on this big, freaking project I can’t believe I started.
Hopefully I’ll see a friend today. I have a movie buddy who comes bearing lunch on Sundays.

I hope you get some sleep eventually, @Raelyn_Fenn .


I haven’t heard of this one. Say more?

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That sounds nice that you’re seeing a friend today. I hope you have a jolly good time. Next time I’m seeing my friend is in a fortnight. It feels like such a long while as I currently don’t do much with my time.

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It’s a book based on the Psychology by Alfred Adler (1870-1937), a famous psychiatrist in Austry. This book is writen by a Japanese scholar who studies the theory of Adler. I just started reading this book. I ordered a sample of this book on Amazon.


Got so many chores for today, blah, sitting here atm debating my day and having tea
It is only 4:53 am :open_mouth:
still in my sleep wear


Did you know Kurt Cobain got married in his jammies?

Pajamas rock.


I wish i could live in sleep wear


Why not?

I do.

Also, I am 80% coffee. G’morning, @Mountainman . We’re in the same time zone!


I am impressed you get out of your sleep wear on a Sunday. Currently 90 percent of my time I’m in pijamas.


I work so have to be dressed for that lol, Oh wow same time

not sure why I woke up, have the TV on, the movie crash is on with holly hunter, bunch of freaks in that movie

Never seen it. I liked Hunter in The Piano, though I could’ve done without the full Monty from Keitel. :smiley:

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Best to avoid it, i should put on the news channel

Bunch of freaks on the news, too.

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Yeah, I used to think the news people could see me and were making up fake stories about me, on time when i was in real bad shape they did a story on a guy jumping off a high rise building and the wind blowing him through a window back into the building
Sounded hard to believe, even in the condition I was, but was true

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Yeah, its hard for me to watch TV, because the people there get into my head. They come into my house and get mad if I don’t leave food out for them. Then I’m “rude” for ignoring them around real people… my head’s a mess. Lol

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Its 10 pm on a Sunday. I havn’t left the house today. I snack and smoke through the day, listen to the radio. Well, its not a hard life these days, just feel tremendously depressed. The voices are not cheering me up. Tomorrow is Monday and i plan to go regularly swimming. I think about it for the last three years and i go finally tomorrow. I ve been swiimming on friday and i like it.


I’m going to test ride some e-bikes at a bike shop.

I can’t afford to buy one, but I’m curious about them.


@Gamera you can have my e-bike, lol. They are probably great in the city, but they’re not built for Country Roads that’s for sure

I rode it for about a year, but gave up. But that’s just because of the rough roads out here