How are you spending your day today?

I am hopefully going to take a one hour walk.


The day is over here
Today I had twenty minutes walk
Then I had another half hour walk with support worker


Good luck with your walk! Hope it’s good!

I did 20 minutes lifting weights at the gym, now about to go grocery shopping.

I start house sitting this evening, so gotta get my clothes together for that.


I’m just taking it easy because I couldn’t sleep all night.

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i went to the local coffee shop that was doing takeaway coffee, bought a coffee and brownie and sat and ate it outside the museum. it was wonderful.


Talked to friends. We’re playing CoD online together soon.


I was getting to pick up a book that I ordered at the bookstore. It’s Marcus Aurelius ‘Meditations’.
I thinking of shaving and showering and changing clothes. I gave my father some money because he had none. He told me that I get it back this evening.

I’m looking forward to a book that Haruki Murakami wrote, it’s called in german ‘Naokos Lächeln’.
Other than that I’m reading between 30 and 50 pages everyday. Just my memory is not on point anymore. Still searching for the right books.

But it is not like 2020 with my sleeping problems, the problems are mostly gone. Now it’s about to establishing a reading routine.

The same as I spend every day, Pinky. Trying to take over the world.

Sticking around the house today. Have video therapy at noon. Nursing my sinus headache. Might do some housework.


I just got up at 7:30. I took my meds including Tylenol for my arthritis, and ate breakfast. Now I’m sitting in my easy chair waiting for the Tylenol to kick in. I’m just going to stay at home today because Fedex is delivering a package.

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