What is environmental factor?

In causes of sz, what does environmental factor means?
I am thinking of
What my senses feel from env, is what I learn.
Is this not environmental psycology factor.
Is there a term for it ?

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Another thing is who all can keep their eyes closed and solve a problem ?
I cant in span of 10 sec I am lost, but with eyes open I could.

Another one is in span of 0 to 10 ,
0 being the least
10 being the most
How often did you speak to self, before dx’d?

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  • 2
  • 3
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  • 7
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  • 9
  • 10

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Yes to compair, you have not experienced another persons mind, but just an approximate value could also be fine.

The phrase ‘environmental factors’ is used to distinguish from ‘genetic factors’. For example, when studying a disease like schizophrenia, scientists speak of environmental factors which are things such as fetal hypoxia and exposure to viruses while in the womb.


Isnt it enviroment
Like trauma stuff in the world around you

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I think drug use like cannabis and stimulants are environmental factors in developping or worsening of sz.

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Its also a possibility that I spoke to my self more in early development of the brain, I dont know if this could be also a cause like consciousness in the womb.

Yes when I think of it, it could be trauma, due to my early education, but i still remember on my first birthday i remember i was scared to hold a knife to cut the cake.

May be, but the roots go even deeper, as if we had a right thoughts and believed those are harmful , one could have not done it.

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