What is daily fee for hospitalization in your psych ward

Mine is 15 euros a day, but hospitals cost more

There is no direct fee in Canada. Some provinces bill families for health care. Mine doesn’t. Our taxes are very high in this country because the cost of the ‘free’ health care is buried in everything else.


private hospitals are expensive in my country…about €70 per cday

Free here in Portugal

where i stayed it was 10€ a day and once there was a threat that i would have to pay for the entire stay of over 7 months in cash. thankfully the healthcare system, after a few problems, took care of it and i was greatly releaved. it wouldnt be alot of cash to pay but i still feel grateful to my healthcare.

I don’t know or care because ive never been there nor do I plan to be ,for me personally? Even though Ive thought about giving in and letting others figure my problem out for me I didn’t do it ,it must expensive .

Over $700 a day. First day is close to $1000. That’s America for you. Luckily I have insurance.

When was young and impulsive I spent time some time In incarceration and it costed my state something like $1500 dollars a month to care for my basic needs for survival.

That aint not no good for nobody, so I stopped my impulsive ways.