What is autism?

The guy on Skype you couldn’t even tell he looked so “normal”

My nephew was Dx’d with it when he was under 5 years, you could definitely tell something different about him.
He was into his own world and would do repetitive actions for hours.
When he was around 8, he wanted to ‘play’ baseball like his cousins, but he had no clue what the game wasabout, and his mom stepped in to physically take the ball back so the others could play.

He seemed ok in high school, and eventually he married and had a daughter.
He’s 29 years old today, and seems ‘Normal’ enough…whatever that is.

Don’t know if this is ‘typical’ or not, but it’s what I know from experience.


Well I was talking to him on video call and he asked me what I thought of people with mental disorders. He didn’t tell me he had autism :flushed:

If he didn’t tell you, how did you know?

Can I pm you ? Please check.

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It’s not as bad as schizophrenia

At the milder end of the spectrum maybe not. At the more severe end it’s highly debatable.

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Aspergers is not as disabling as sz.
Psychosis is like the 3rd most disabling condition affecting mankind.


To be precise, not psychosis but schizophrenia, although psychosis is certainly
part of schizophrenia.

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That’s why I said at the milder end maybe not .

Autism is a spectrum disorder that ranges from a mental disorder to a developmental disability.

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Schizophrenia is just a term for chronic psychosis

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Schizophrenia is not just psychosis, it has a vast array of symptoms, cognitive, positive and negative. @MeghillaGorilla1


It’s a shitty illness

I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs on s Saturday night in my late 30’s. Every day feels like it’s the same damn thing. Take half the day to wake up and right when you’re starting to feel good take the meds again and go back to sleep.


Autism can be a devastating mental disorder.
It depends on the severity.
I’ve worked with Autistic students for years.


Like sz, autistic people can range from highly functioning to completely disabled.

On the completely disabled end of the spectrum there is usually also intellectual disability, inability to speak, and emotional/behavioral problems.


Gawd this is the story of my life.
(Minus the meds of course.)

If you can’t wake up . . . I took Provigil.