What Is Anhedonia and How Does It Affect You?

Older adults who have anhedonia were five times more likely to develop dementia compared with people who don’t have anhedonia.


I have anhedonia, although I keep forgetting that word when I need it.

I hardly do anything that brings me joy or pleasure, anymore. I used to paint, knit, sew, color, doodle, make digital art, do jigsaw puzzles, watch TV shows when hubby is at work…

Nowadays, I can’t watch TV or do hobbies by myself. They feel like chores instead of feeling fun.

It upsets me quite a bit. I love Pokemon, but I can’t even get into playing Pokemon Sword on Switch or Pokemon Go on my phone.


I think methylfolate is helping me with anhedonia, but not sure. Probably not.


Maybe that’s why I can’t read

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I suffer with Anhedonia.
I have abandoned my hobbies like drawing and writing poetry.
Haven’t played my guitar in months.

Once in a while I listen to YouTube but that’s when I’m usually feeling depressed.


It’s the same for me. I used to love playing Pokémon games when I was a kid and teen and loved collecting the cards but now all I can do is just watch TV all day every day.

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Lack of pleasure. I get that a lot.

I feel completely numb and lacking in any pleasure . I cant feel happy or sad . I feel bored every day . I also feel very unmotivated .
I thought at first it was my antidepressant causing this so I stopped taking it . However a month after I stopped taking it I still feel this emptiness / lack of purpose / lack of motivation.
I just lie around all day and watch YouTube videos and TikTok . I hardly have any company , no one visits me. I’m moving into a new house on Friday but I’m not even excited about it . I know I’ll be by myself in it and get lonely there .
I’m worried if it’s not the antidepressants that I have some kind of brain damage affecting my ability to think , feel and motivate myself - feeling this apathetic isn’t normal I’m sure . Also I used to be quite motivated and hard working , I seem to have lost that. Has anyone got any advice on how to cope with the anhedonia / apathy?

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Are you on antipsychotics? After about a year of getting off the meds things like anhedonia goes away. But i get psychosis again which is why i keep getring put back on meds.

I’m like this too, I can’t get enough pleasure from almost anything, and I feel sad sometimes, I get easily bored and for hours sliding my finger on my cell phone screen non-stop on youtube and whatsapp while I’m bedridden, but I can’t find anything interesting to do