¿What is a typical day in your life like?

its called fighting fire with fire

Burning everything down is not a great solution. Building is better.

hey im not saying its a good thing people scream fire and run away

Common sense is less common than it used to be.

its an uncommon sense now

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I have co-workers who come to work to socialize and feel put upon if they are pressed to actually do what they are being paid to do. They act hurt and confused when how employment works is explained to them. I am so glad I am remote and have minimal interaction with others.

seems like you have the old version of common sense and the new one was the old foolishness

All I know is that stuff has to get done and if you’re not going to help, get out of the way.

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“You ever see one of those guys with the shirts that say “Lead, follow , or get out of the way.” You want to know what i do when I see one of these guys? I obstruct. :open_hands:

-Paraphrased George Carlin

just reminded me of that bit of his.

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oh ya im definitely a getting out of the way kind of guy then

I wake up and go sit in my recliner and listen to NPR then turn on some music. Drink my smoothy and sit in my recliner for the day and eat sometimes. Not much activity that’s why im fat.

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I need to step my game up.


Wake up in the morning, then have my own type of meditation (swinging and listening to music),
Somedays I work somedays I study…
reading from time to time, also I watch looots of TV and news… etc etc