What if...I never become schizophrenic

If I hadn’t woken up missing three days, randomly started ranting about a nuclear bomb and green houses, then maybe I would’ve finished HS gone to Harvard fallen in love and my mom would’ve exposed the truth about the Middle East to the journalists and gone on television, and maybe we wouldn’t be living out the endless war? really, its like schizophrenia was the apocalypse itself manifesting in my mind/explosion after explosion. They say that schizophrenia isnt traumatic, that war doesn’t affect us when we’re not veterans…I think the world is at war with itself…maybe God himself was a schizophrenic…i feel bad that he never got what he wanted either.

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Being able to decipher what’s real from what isn’t without any problems is really a blessing to those who can do that. I know that issue makes us suffer so much. And it’s really not fair. I’m sure your life would be different if you never developed sz. But we can still make good lives for ourselves, and that’s what I think we should try to do


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