What if a woman is not a good provider/has a great career?

Is it a dealbreaker with men in 2017? I’m kind of in this position and there is a different set of expectations on women now and it’s very stressful actually.

Not a deal breaker.

You’ve a leg up…men are just men!

It’s hard with a mental illness but you do what you can and if your interested have a crack!

Honestly. I’m a man. I’m easily led! Have some confidence…it really is a different world out there these days but have some confidence…a women with confidence is hard to say no too!


I don’t work or have a career really, but my husband doesn’t expect it from me as he is able to provide financially. He would prefer me not to work. I don’t want to work, its hard to with sz, but I would like to earn thru writing and maybe painting when I get the motivation to do that once more. Now im still struggling with that.


I agree. Life and changing attitudes about what’s expected of women is very pressurised today; They have to be a babymaker, a homemaker, a lover, and all at the same time as climbing up the career ladder to…what, an early death? It saddens me because it puts enormous unnecessary strain on women’s mental health. The media has a lot to answer for. As does much of social media which portrays very successful women who appear to have very few issues and life is wonderful. It is a false image. Real women struggle to keep up appearances. To do well in their lives and make relationships last.


You’re so lucky. How did you guys meet? What does he do?

I like woman who do the cooking and the cleaning and buy me pie when I say so .

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You should count yourself lucky that you have someone even willing to buy you pie


:joy: LOL that is funny.

I have a lot of friends who do not work. Only the guy works. Certain cultures are more still in the traditional mindset and I think it is completely optional on what you want and can do. you can meet a lot of guys who would want you to stay home etc.

Maybe it depends on where you live, in which society.

In the Québec society, it’s the women who want to have a career, it’s not the men who ask it. Men here have nothing at all against women who want to have a career but I don’t feel they would be so much against a woman who would stay at home if she has a good reason. The only problem is that since now all women have a job, both the woman’s salary and the man’s salary are needed now to have a family.

If only the man have a job, I feel that his salary will not be enough to pay for all the needs of the man, the woman and the children, unless the man has a really high salary, but this is not common.


I know but some women aren’t good providers and now it is expected…

I wouldn’t necessarily require that my female partner have a regular job, BUT if she doesn’t work, THEN I absolutely demand that she be happy in her skin, have active hobbies and be proficient with family matters: raising a kid, cooking. I wouldn’t choose a woman who has complexes or is lazy or codependent…

I think it is expected that all members of the family work towards its success in whatever fashion they can.


I think there are lots of men who would be very pleased with a partner who was happy to cook, clean, shop, and do things with them.

Same also for many women, but u asked about men…

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I think people tend to pair off into what they are looking for.

If a man wants a housewife, he won’t be looking for a career girl.

If a woman wants an executive, she won’t date construction workers.

If a man or woman wants an artist, they’ll date them.


When kids are involved it’s advisable for both parents to be able to work in case something happens to the other one. When it comes to childless unions it can be different. I think men are more likely to pick up a woman who is not a good provider but looks pretty if we can be good providers ourselves because we are dumb enough too. A pretty woman can be picked up off a street corner by the average man. But one thing that we men on schizophrenia who struggle to be good providers find out is that few women are. But any such person of either gender knows all too well that they can be dumped in such a relationship if they don’t look sexy enough any more or the other partner gets tired of them and finds someone else. That is a stress I can’t handle and is why I choose to be alone.

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women still don’t make as much as men I would like to point this out. They can have the same job as a man and she will still be paid less. it may be a bigger issue that someone has schizophrenia rather than the fact that they don’t have a career. my boyfriend doesn’t seem to care. He has dated women that had good jobs and some that didn’t. I ended up telling him right away that I had schizophrenia. This is something I wouldn’t normally do. But if it was a problem I didn’t wanna waste anytime with him. Even if I had a good paying job he would still make more than me.

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I don’t really agree that their is a different set of expectations on women.

Why not? It’s a changing world.

My wife’s base income is double mine. I’m going to come within about 10% of her this year hopefully with commission, but she makes more than me.