What i m in now ...these days

they are saying now to me

your egypt precedent president Moubarak … asked egyptian intelligence to torture remotely
some of these talented ppl who would like to travel abroad with the help of usa intelligence
thats why you r tortured (me is that person )

and now …they are saying to me we doubt your spy to egyptian intelligence

we should only torture innocent ppl !!!

thats why

now they are saying .and commenting on every thing i do …why do that why you do that

you seem innocent … you seem very intelligent spy that work for russian intelligence

i m now get very angry and said to them are you training on my mind intelligence sciences !!!


why your learning french are you spy ??

you shouldnt do that

YOU WILL DO THIS… YOU WILL GO TO THE FORUMFR.COM(french forum i go to everyday)

Hi @saynow ,

I’ve never had voices but I’ve heard from people that do have voices that the best strategy is to disregard them. They are just your own brain inventing things and should not be taken seriously.

Letting them work you up and get you angry seems like a futile and poor strategy for dealing with them since they are nothing more than your own brain.


theortically they are nothing
but they can get someone furious
get someone to do crazy things
in reality they are not nothing …they are strong Force that affect me and others !!!
i wished if i could consider them nothing !!!

I’m sure it’s easier said than done. Like I said, I have never had them, and have not had your experience to know exactly what is possible for you.

I suspect ignoring them is not easy. Good luck…

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