Voices think i am spy?

they think i am undiscovered spy
they deal with me on this way
they seem to justify torturing me and isolating me on the internet i can find single arabic forum to participate in except for facebook
it is hell

You said before that voices are stupid. :slight_smile:

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what now? Im confuse with your post.

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what you dont understand …?

everything man, it doesnt makes sense what you talking about again. I think you be might delusional.

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lol, thats funny post thanks for laugh. love this delusional thoughts sometimes their funny.

It sounds painful - would it be alienated in part?

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it s real when i google forums on the internet i find same websites they seem like fake websites that dont work
i cant find single arabic website
they seem isolating me from arabic forums becoz they think i am spy

yes isolating me from certain types of websites

see you tomorrow
i will sleep for now

jWhy do you need arab sites? Don’t turn toward your voices for belonging.

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They talk like if they r real CIA sometime and say don’t spy on us so I prefer safety and go to Arabic websites which I can’t find
They seem isolating me

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