I was healthy untill they decided to torture me non stop?

i was healthy
i was doing many healthy things like running
i was asking why not owning nukes why israel ?
untill i begun torture
they started by dont you know that we can read minds
we are egyptian intelligence
i said no you arent
they say ok we are cia
and begin stories i am its hero
from this time i become mad roaming streets for 8 years
now i am under their will whether to torture or to mercy
anyway i know meds may not be working well
but i take them anyway

Don’t be so easily forced to believe something. A corrupted mind is useless. In their mind if you play into their game at all they win, eventually you’ll be laying all your cards on the table without even knowing or they’ll be so hyper critical of what you do inside ans out thsr they will start things and have you looking stupid. Simply walk away from it totally relax. Let em poke and prod they ain’t ■■■■

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