There was a problem today

between me and my voices
i was reading the news
they accuse me of spying on them
(to your knowldge i feel like if i hv two intelligece agencies in my head egyptian and american intelligence they fight each other and each of them accuse me of being spy to the other)
i wasnt
so i stop reading
then they begin discussion why you hate US
you have thoughts that say so
you will never admit that you will never admit spying
aftherthat the problem get bigger to a degree they threaten me if i take medication they will make to me serious side effect
as a punishment


Ok egyptian intelligence,
but american why?

they accuse me of spying via internet
and they want to stop me by using their satellites

You are deluded, my friend.
Do you take your meds?

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I think your under false beliefs or judgement.
You should tell them, you have the right to read the paper.
You have the right to use satellites.
You have the right to use the internet.

Tell them your not spying, and you’ll take the medication if you want too.

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yh i taking them daily
i looking forward for the better

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I also have symptoms despite meds

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they know but may be
it is like
they feel they are stronger and have power over me
so they want me stop doing anything just becoz they like that
becoz they are stronger
like in politics
a country may accuse another country of anything only becoz they r weaker
this happen to me all the time

They can wear you down, I understand.
I’ve heard, setting an appointment, to talk to them might work.

saying…“I’ll talk to you after dinner, voices”; and sticking to that appointment, not responding to them, until after dinner.

I have tried it and it didn’t work; but it might work for you.


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