What I don't want people to confuse schizophrenia with "thoughts"

I started thinking about this a long time ago.

I don’t want people to confuse schizophrenia with people who are “thinking” about these things. In my case with paranoid schizophrenia.

What is different with my paranoid schizophrenia (which I believe that all schizophrenics have, please correct me if I am wrong…) that I “see” and “hear” things that are based in my “reality” (using all 5 senses). In a persons normal reality, they talk about food, cars, and normal things.

However, in my reality (what I see and hear) are death threats against me, burning down my home or stealing items from my home, and imprisonment (sometimes 24/7 if I am off my meds).

I just want to make that clear for someone who doesn’t know what schizophrenia is and not to confuse them any further.


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I forgot to add that when it comes to my reality, things can get worse…

You mean thinking about sz and then think you have it or is it thinking in general?

thinking in general.

I know that I have schizophrenia.


I was trying to find a “general” topic category on there but couldn’t find one.