What happens when schizophrenic people stop taking their medicine?

What happens when we stop taking medicine? And how long have you ever lasted without medicine?

Trouble begins to brew when you stop taking your meds. It’s too risky for me. I love my family too much to think about quitting my meds. Last time I ended up in a psych ward eventually and lost custody of my kids. Not an option for me.

I have never lasted more than a few weeks, and end up in hospital. I think coming off meds drives paranoia in itself, which makes things worse.

Only come off with a doctor helping you

Bad things.

I think we get too hopeful.

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Depends on the type of schizophrenia you have. For me, nothing happens, as I have treatment resistant schizophrenia.

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For me about three months to complete relapse, sometimes less, but this is the average. About two months in I’ll lose my insight and do stupid things like running up credit cards buying copper to build Faraday cage/rooms in my home (copper ain’t cheap). Keep in mind that I’m off-the-charts high functioning and stable as far as SZ goes.

Given that you’re perpetually suffering from florid symptoms I’d give you a week at most before you decompensate badly, probably just a matter of days really.

Please don’t mess with your meds. You’re obviously in the class of SZs that need full-time regulation through medication.

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like every other situation with us humans its from 1-10, and man can be with scz and hide it sort off,

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I get hospitalized normally after a couple years. It will be a couple horrible years too. I do a lot of wreckless ■■■■ and spending when I’m psychotic

We get very psychotic when we stop our meds. The meds work like that. It’s actually the meds doing it. Not our sz/sza brains.

It took me 3 years to relapse after quitting Risperdal consta. Every month I got that little bit more psychotic until eventually I relapsed.

With me it has always been a disaster. I’m lucky I didn’t mess up my life more than I did by getting off my med’s. I’ve lived in an assisted living center for the mentally ill over eighteen years, and from what I’ve seen, it nearly always has been a disaster when someone got off their med’s.

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Most relapse……………

When i quit cold turkey i would relapse into worse psychosis than before.

When i withdrew extremely slowly over the course of 2 years (started with 2.5mg haldol, on 0.5mg now), it actually gave me a chance to work through issues that had been covered up by meds and get my own emotions and thoughts back. I doubt whether their diagnosis of sz was correct though.

Im happy with how it is now, but im not sure id make the same choice of withdrawing again considering the impact of my withdrawals on everyone around me.

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