What happens if we don't take meds

I forgot again, why do I take meds?


Because you most likely would relapse if you went off of them. Are you doing okay? Are the meds currently helping?

Im with you buddy. I can barely remember my life before but im afraid it might be better than this

So you don’t relapse and have a psychotic episode and end up in the hospital.

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I want to see if I’m better now, maybe they misdiagnosed me.

Going off meds is one of the biggest causes of relapse. A relapse can disrupt your life greatly and it could take maybe 6 months, 9 months or possibly a year to get back to the level you were at before you relapsed.


You keep taking them because if you’ve found something, anything, that makes you and your life better then you don’t give it up.
I don’t know what happens when you stop taking meds, but there was probably a really good reason why you started. If you want to work with your doctor to lower dosage or something, then you do that carefully, but you don’t do anything on a whim or by yourself. :heart:️

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These meds are killing me, I can feel it. I feel awful

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I feel bad for you, @tera. I’m sorry you’re going through that but talk to your doctor about it and find a solution together

I’m going to go to bed and hopefully my husband will forget to give me my meds

I quit taking the damn pills last summer. I ended up back in the hospital on the 4th of July for a 7 day stay. I have to take them no matter what to function like a normal person.

When I don’t take my meds, I wanna unite Mankind in a sea of love. The beauty this world has to offer overwhelms me to the point where I stop eating, sleeping, showering, shaving… etc.

Then I crash and need to be hospitalized.

If you don’t take your medication you will most likely relapse and end up killing your self or someone else. It sucks but that’s just the way it is at the moment. :slight_smile:

You will go MAD without medication and lose grey matter in your brain.

If your multi episodic…or if your symptoms last over six months then it’s pretty much the case your on them till newer meds or cure.

I wouldn’t be too down on it. I know it’s a tough cop but there’s better treatments coming all the time as the technology increases.

We are in the ballpark. Positive symptoms are good for most…negatives are another story. We are in the cheap seats but we are in the game!

Take your meds. It leads to better outcomes and that is just serious science and statistics! Boring I know!

Because your brain will shrivel up and fall out your nose.

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These medications are pretty powerful. It’s probably better to not take any chances and take them just as prescribed.

I sometimes feel the same way, but every time I have gotten off my med’s the result hasn’t been good. This last time I got off my med’s I noticed a few danger signals, and I got back on my medications. Intense anger is one symptom of me getting off an antipsychotic. I’ve lived in an assisted living center for the mentally ill for sixteen years and I’ve seen more than a couple of people get off their med’s. Most of the time they ended up back in the hospital, and then were sent to an assisted living center less hospitable to the one they were in. One of my biggest reasons for not getting off my med’s is that they might put me back on Haldol.

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@tera in what ways are the meds making you feel bad ? Try to address the issues your dealing with but don’t go off your meds … that way madness lies

If I don’t take my pills I develop psychic powers that I don’t know how to use and it is traumatic. Too soon, evolution, too soon.

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i need meds to keep me stable because i have schizophrenia, if i dont take my meds my symptoms return, delusions mostly, paranoia, strange ■■■■, maybe even voices. also i heard if you stop meds suddenly you may get even worse than before. a lot of us try in vain to get off meds but they are all unsuccessful, if you can get on a good med and dose then you thats ideal, p/doc says i’ll need life long treatment.