What happened to me...ugly af


i got fatter. and my skin gives me trouble…I have a receding hairline, yesterday I made the mistake of going clean shaven for thanksgiving and I looked like ■■■■. when I look in the mirror I don’t like what I see. I used to be good looking and athletic a 7 for sure, now im a 5 or 6 best, so average. I guess 10 years of booze and coffee finally caught up to me.

I know it can get better. I can eat clean, put on some muscle, work on my bodyfat %, grow my facial hair back, get some sun in the summer…I know it’s silly but right now my motivation is to not let myself keep sliding.


I’m 42 and am definitely feeling like a forty-something-year-old-guy. My hairs gotten thinner on top. I’m not as strong or solid as i used to be. I find that i don’t move as good as i used to. I suppose if i worked out more i could slow down the process some. I walk in the mornings and i was doing push ups but i kind of fell off with that. Got to get back on them.


You are a wonderful person. Don’t let your looks dictate that. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


thank you @GrayBear. I just feel like a turd today, I shouldn’t have shaved my beard, it was hiding my chin fat.


Yeah @Boogaloo you cool in my book. However I’m 28. This lady at the hospital thought I might have been under 18 the other day I’m like wtf do I really look THAT young? And why? I don’t think so.


you’d pass for over 18 to me but you look young for sure. it’s a good thing to have such young genes. they will keep you well into your adult years. im looking almost middle aged today and I only just turned 34, im sliding for sure sitting on this couch, reading sz.com. it’s unbelievable how much I aged since 2 summers ago. I have video of myself but no pictures.


I used to look so freaking young. But I was also immature making me look young. I drank a lot and smoked cigarettes to get an older look. Now I’m happy with how I look and quit both those things, on less meds, healthier eating habits and I walk daily. These things help me.

When I was off my abilify I lost 8 pounds in a month. Since , I’ve gained 1 lb back on 10 mg abilify rather than 20. But I know I can lose weight easier on the lower dose now.

Not encouraging you to change your meds but they really do toll the lbs on.


You look like a kid.


i get no sex at all…


It’s been awhile since I felt confident. Maybe two years or so. When I get off meds I lose weight quick and start gaining confidence. It isn’t a good idea because I lose my mind. I guess I’ll settle for being a fatty better than losing touch with reality.


You could probably pass for 20 years old.


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